For the last year while we’ve owned the boat, the refrigeration has been fair at best and downright warm on bad days, to the point I was convinced that the system wasn’t working.  So, in November we had called an expensive boat refrigeration company from San Diego to come up and look at the system.  Good thing they didn’t show up for their appointment,,,and I saved that $300 dollar bill.  So, last week on a whim, I decided to do one last thing that I hadn’t done the whole year,,,,and bought a simple sink plug for the fridge box.  See; at the bottom of my sailboat refrigerator is a small drain hole that I’ve never paid attention to, just there to drain any extra fluids that may show up at the bottom of a refrigerator, but also a hole that I thought cold air could escape through and not build up in my system.  So I bought a small rubber drain plug from Home Depot for all of $1.69 and put it in the drain hole, fit perfectly.   An hour later,,,,we had a cold fridge and freezer and the system seemed to be working like a charm,,,,fridge and freezer problem fixed.  If you’re having challenges with this also, look for the simple solutions, might work for you too! 













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