Good morning, we’re out traveling and I’ve got lots of great info to pass along about this trip, but first an update on my quest to qualify for my Captain’s License-

I’m in the course and officially taking it in January.  I’ve waded through the extensive Coast Guard Paperwork and figured out it’s not as hard as people make it out to be.  I passed the extensive physical, got the various other paperwork done, retook a CPR class, have applied for and received my Transportation Workers Identity Card (TWIC), and paid the deposit for my course through the Maritime Institute in San Diego.  This company has online and regular classroom courses and also offers their testing services in different parts of the country, an impressive menu of courses.  I decided to go to the classroom portion of the course, as I have way too many distractions at home to be able to effectively study there (I’ve tried it before),,,,and my learning style just doesn’t support distance learning too well.  I’m impressed with the Maritime Institute so far; just two days after calling I had their package of study guides sent to me on my front door step and I was able to call and get a minor study question answered right on the spot.  I’ll spend two straight weeks there in January, taking the Coast Guard approved exam on the last day and then prepping to mail or take my entire package to the nearest center that will accept it.  During my two weeks of the course, I’ll add updates to this blog to make sure you get the info if you’re looking for it-

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  1. Good Luck and have fun. I taught the six-pack course in Boston for years and enjoyed seeing people learn the material and have a good time doing so.

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