After a discussion with a friend who works in the research department of a Virology Lab, the probable realities of Fall and Winter has been brought home.....with a thud.

Written from somewhere in Baja Ca:

A close family friend works in a leading Virology Lab…other friends are Doctors and Nurses, keeping us up to date about the disease, it’s mutations and the reality of a “miracle cure”.

These realities will effect cruising and sailing in ways that are already starting to sort themselves out.  Baja HaHa and multiple other rallies canceled, most boat shows this year cancelled or held on Zoom and surprise…surprise;  I’m told that sales of “cruising” boats have started to climb into a sellers market.  Why?  I’m told that there’s a dearth of larger quality cruising sailboats on the West Coast and boat sales are climbing for the year.  While more and more countries are opening to cruising boats, several which are critical to long distance cruising are still closed…like Australia, New Zealand.  Europe remains closed to US citizens…thus shutting off most options for an Atlantic crossing this year and probably next.  However, people and cruising boats are still coming down the West Coast this November with the HaHa Lite and at least one rally is still going from the East Coast to the Caribbean, more and more countries start to open to tourists despite the fact that Covid marches on just as deadly as when it was first reported.  Despite Covid’s lethality, preventative measures work…like washing hands, masks, isolation and social distancing…allowing more of life to continue but with major constraints.

For us…Fall and Winter will usher hurricane season out and a season of movement in.  Fall brings a myriad of long delayed boat projects and another quick Baja 500 road trip home for us.  Winter will bring movement.  We’ll take off for mainland Mexico and figure out what the hell we’re actually going to do:  head down the coast slowly and wait out hurricane season in Costa Rica, going through the canal around Christmas or heading down the coast get to Panama by late May and get through the Caribbean by late June…arriving in Florida/Georgia by mid-July to hunker down for hurricane season.  Choices, Choices to be made by us that will effect our family and future.  In July, I wrote another post that spelled reality then and probably now too, Considerations For Cruising Right Now

We’ll figure this all out soon enough.  For now, Tulum is on the hard where she’s getting a new paint job, new portholes, a new sail and stakpak and other improvements.

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  1. Yah, COVID has really interrupted my European travel plans here in Costa De Luz. But hard to complain too much about being trapped in paradise! Stay safe in every way.

  2. Hmm, Costa De Luz…doesn’t sound that bad. We’re working hard to stay safe and plot our next move, with our safety as top priority. Thanks for the note.

  3. I’ve had covid, have you? I would rather have it than the flu. I started following this page for the sailing stories, not the constant fear mongering from someone who has no basic knowledge of how viruses work, let alone having actually had it. How about stick to sailing stories and leave your democrat party fears at the dock. We really don’t want to hear it.

  4. William:

    Cool, thanks for the response. Not sure how you read democrat party fears out of my posts, but I totally welcome the feedback. Have a great day.

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