USCG Master’s Ticket,,,,(finally) my Captain’s License

Finally eared and received my Captain’s License

Working on her Captain’s License w/Mariner’s Learning System-

First, Happy Friday- I decided I wanted to re-blog this story about Annie working on her Captain’s License using Mariner’s Learning System.  I’ve heard lots of great things about Captain Figular and Mariner’s Learning System from someone I used to work with; who I respect very much, who also took the test after using the […]

Making Progress through the National Maritime Center

Ugghhhh, the Coast Guard Licensing process is slow and really backed up right now, so I’m still waiting on my actual Coast Guard License.  But, lots of progress.  Since taking my class in January, my package/application for Captain’s License has made it through the Processing Center in Long Beach and was forwarded to the US […]

Continuing to improve the boat- Tulum IV

You may have noticed the lack of posts this week, it was a long week.  After working a parlay with my wife;  we broke away from the desert paradise to check on the boat. We needed to make sure she was ok after the high winds and rough weather San Diego had in the last […]

Successful Captain’s License Class

Good evening: I successfully passed my OUPV/Master up to 100 Gross Ton Course and both the Towing and Sailing Endorsements.  BUT, while this was a heck of an accomplishment because I wasn’t the sharpest person in the class, it’s NOT an actual Coast Guard License, that’s a hurdle I still need to get through.  This […]

Favorite deli on the last full day of class

Good evening from rainy and cold Southern California: Today was the last day of full class session in my work to get my USCG Captain’s 100 Ton/OUPV License before test day and I was overworked with the full class review; my mind was mush.  I needed a break and knew that I needed to check […]

Sticker to represent the Blog-

Yep, our sticker’s now at the school to represent the blog,,an invitation to all to check out our site,,(till it gets removed!)

Nautical Weekend in San Diego

Because of the marathon of classwork and homework I’ve had over the week, I needed a break between studying, so we made it a Nautical weekend.  On break between studies, we took a few hours to check out the Star of India, the HMS Surprise and several other ships in the Museum.  The Star of India […]