“Return To Treasure Island And The Search For Captain Kidd” by Barry Clifford: A Book Review

This book definitely held my interest and since I’ve always loved great stories about treasure seeking and pirate lore, this book was a perfect read for me. Is it all true? Did Clifford find the Adventure Galley? You can read the book and decide for yourself!

Book Review: The Lost Fleet By Barry Clifford

  The book I’m reviewing today- The Lost Fleet by Barry Clifford, published by HarperCollins, New York in 2002.  287 pages, Non-Fiction. Mr. Barry Clifford is also the author of the non-fiction book, Expedition Whydah which I have reviewed previously (here’s the link to that review) in which he recounts the true story of him […]

Book Review: Pirate Hunters By Robert Kurson

Wanna read a true story about a pirate crew who went up against the vaunted British Navy and WON? Or do you wanna read about finding only the 2nd verified pirate ship in history….against all odds? This IS the book for you-

Book Review:  Mystery of the Last Olympian by Richie Kohler with Charlie Hudson

Today, another crappy day somewhere on the Gold Coast of Mexico….thinking through a book review for YET another book I had trouble putting down.  I read this book right after New Years while we were still in Bahia Tenacitita, since I had just finished Shadow Divers (click the link to see my book review) which […]