WESTWARD HO! And A Rejuvenating Goat Farm

This place was truly an experience, not just a destination.  We didn’t realize how bad we all needed this.

Website Changes Coming!

Hi everyone….You know when you don’t hear from us that we are out traveling. Well…we are! But that’s upcoming posts. Todays post is simply to make sure you know that our website will soon change but we’re working to migrate you all to the new site seamlessly. We ask that you stick with us….as we […]

The Last Bottle, The First Cart

As soon as the mechanics finally arrived, things started getting real for the family. Once our engine started getting fixed and when running, we need to be moved off the boat. So, no better time to start than now. This is the first story of that new adventure.

Kids Corner: Looking Forward

We have only basic ideas of what’s next, depending on weather and such, but we have two options. There are only two major weather windows that happen around here: either in November or April.