Tulum’s Welcome Onboard (from when we still owned a cruising sailboat)

Tulum V follows local, national and US Health Guidelines involving COVID-19 precautions.

Hi everyone…we look forward to having friends and family onboard as guests, so please read and heed this basic info.

  1. Safety Brief: Everyone coming onboard Tulum will get a safety brief prior to moving the boat.  The Tulum crew also does internal safety briefs and talks through the upcoming trip prior to the boat moving.
  1. What do you want to do?: For us, living on a boat is a lifestyle…but we’re aware that coming to see us will be a vacation for you.  We will knock ourselves out to make it a great stay for you.  We ask that you tell us upfront what you’re looking for….ie:  wanna find a white sand beach in a deserted cove and lay around with a cold beer and a book….or do you want a more active vacation in which we do some sailing or maybe a short crossing and you get some time on watch…or a little of both?  Ya gotta tell us so we can attempt to meet your expectations.
  1. Listen to our suggestions: We need to know if you want to come stay on the boat, stay in a hotel near the boat or a combination of both.  We don’t care what you’re up for, but letting us know in advance will guide our suggestions for what to do and where you may want to think about staying.  IE…if you’re an AirBnB pro and wanna rent a place but it’s 30 miles from our marina, that’s a lot of time driving on unfamiliar roads when we can suggest a hotel within walking distance that serves the best margaritas ever.
  1. Location and Weather: You must understand that you can’t dictate both location and date for your visit, as we simply may not be able to make the location or date because Tulum is slow and we’re at the weather’s mercy.  Tell us when and allow us to suggest a place, tell us where and allow us to suggest a date…this works.  When we suggest a place, we can usually also suggest a great hotel or there’s a marina/good anchorage very near the place that we can make work logistically.  See # 3.
  1. Fancy Underthings: If you plan to stay long enough to do laundry, please bring fancy and fun underthings, as we hang laundry out to dry on our lines and we’re a fancy boat….right? (2)
  1. Medical Concerns: If you have medical conditions please discuss with Michelle before hand and bring your own medications.  While we carry a robust medical kit onboard, we may not have everything and want you to be safe.  Common considerations: Sea sickness – bring preventative aids even if you swear you never get sea sick, this boat rocks while underway and at anchor; Allergies/Anaphylaxis – If you know you have allergic reactions to anything (especially bees) BRING YOUR EPI-PEN.  Bees are in many anchorages and find their way onto our boat.
  1. Domestics: During your stay, you may witness what appears to be marital strife.  No worries, this is normal behavior that allows us to hear and clearly understand each other as we safely operate the boat.  If you come down as a guest, we’ll be on our best behavior… especially while anchoring!
  1. Mule: Please don’t feel weird when we ask you for your home address and various Amazon packages start showing up on your doorstep weeks before you’re supposed to visit.  Silly….that second checked bag is for Amazon packages.  Take pride in knowing that you are our MULE!
  1. Food: Please tell us before you show up if you have any special requests so we can provision, ahead of time.  We don’t eat fish, lobster or shrimp all the time and we can’t dive off the boat and catch them easily.  We’ll do our best to accommodate your dietary needs.  On the boat you’ll eat healthy, well-prepared meals that won’t leave you hungry.  See # 23.
  1. Slow Boat: Our goal when moving the boat anywhere is to arrive without broken gear or people.  We’re not racers, so the boat doesn’t go anywhere fast.  We will factor this into places we take you.  See # 4.
  1. Helping Us Out: We would love your help.  (We’ll teach you our methods and/or explain why we do things.)  Or you can kick back and relax while we knock out chores.  This isn’t a control thing.  This is because chores on the boat involve water and power (always in short supply) and we try to be efficient as possible with the resources we have.
  1. Electronics and Charging: Tulum often relies on wind and sun for power needs.  So when we’re on the hook, you will not be able to use a microwave, hair dryer, curler, iron, waffle maker, ice maker or other high powered electronics.  We have a limited battery bank.  We suggest you limit the number of personal electronics you bring and bring your own charging cords.  We’ll do our best to ensure you get a chance to charge every day, but that’s not guaranteed.  Battery charging takes priority over charging anything else.
  1. Showering: We shower outdoors while on the hook.  Since we enjoy warm climates, this is easy and fun.  Most often, we take navy showers apres a good swim or snorkeling expedition, off the back swim step of Tulum with hot water and a Turkish towel.  If you choose to shower nu/nue, you’ll have what privacy the anchorage affords you and the crew will give you space.
  1. Space: How much space?  Well, you can plan your visit by sleeping and dressing in your closet at home for several days in a row to get a feel for boat life.  But you can still use your own kitchen and bathroom…..(3)
  1. Luggage:  A collapsible, easy to stow duffel is preferable to a big hard-sided one.  Unless you have an odd fetish for sleeping with a Samsonite in your bed. (2)
  1. Packing List Suggestions: We live in warm/hot climates so you just don’t need a lot of warm clothes.  A couple of bathing suits, flippies/thongs, T-Shirts/Blouse, one outfit to grab a meal out or a margarita onshore, one sweatshirt and some sturdy hiking gear if we get motivated to hike.  Warning:  Anything taken on shore expeditions is subject to getting wet, depending on the surf landing.  See # 5 before continuing.
  1. What not to bring: If you plan to stay in a hotel or AirBnB when you come to see us, bring whatever you want, but be prepared to store it while onboard.

If you’re staying on the boat, you don’t need to bring the following:  Pets, hard shell luggage, high powered electrical appliances such as irons, hair dryers, waffle makers or curling irons, high heels, gym equipment or personal issues.

  1. Loaner PFD’s: (Personal Flotation Devices or Life Jackets) We have a few adult PFD’s you may borrow but do not have extra PFD’s in child or young adult sizes, so we ask that each of our smaller guests (children) bring a well-fitting PFD. Any guests who cannot swim will be required to wear a PFD at all times when on deck and we expect parents to supervise their own children.
  1. While your visit is gift enough, we’ll never turn down a good bottle of pinot noir, chardonnay, champagne or diamonds.
  1. If we do happen to be doing homeschool while you’re onboard, please occupy yourselves with other things, ignore the flying pencils and don’t allow yourself to be talked out of your cell phone code by the children claiming they need your calculator to check their math problems…
  1. While on board, you might hear various knocks, beeps, scrapes or pings. Please don’t worry….just look at the Captain with a worried look so he’s gotta get up and go investigate. (2)
  1. Dog and Cat: We have a large breed dog  and a Cat on board.  They own the cockpit cushions, the forward cushion and the stern cockpit cushions.  Wherever she goes, if she needs to lay down, please just get up and move, allowing her to lay or sit down.  That way, you can reposition and get comfortable without her sitting on you.  You’ve been warned.
  1. Cocktails begin in the afternoon and we cook dinner slowly as we socialize. Dinner is usually by 8, then we leave a big mess for someone else to clean up (usually the Captain).
  1. Those who like things neat, clean and stowed might have problems on our boat. We have kids, cat and a dog.  Those who want to clean are welcome but everything has its place.  Just ask the Captain and he’ll tell you (seriously).
  1. If we’re in a marina, don’t expect to swim off the boat unless you like the idea of poopy diesel body wash.
  1. If you’re good with electrical or electronics you might be asked to help fix things. We fix things on a regular basis.  You might be asked to bring wire or various other parts.  See # 8 (2)
  1. Waste Not, Want Not: Water– once we’re off the dock, we make every drop of fresh water we use.  NEVER turn on a faucet unless you plan to use every drop.  The horror of wasting water will make the Captain go ape nuts.  Power– once we’re off the dock, we’re reliant on solar, wind and engine for all of our power needs.  We will ask you to turn off lights.  Wasting power will make the Captain dance like an angry monkey.  Plastic– once we’re off the dock, every piece of plastic/trash has to be bagged and taken back to a proper waste facility.

Still want to visit after all that? Contact us, you know how.  We look forward to welcoming you aboard Tulum-5.

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Tulum 5 has been in Mexico for the few years isolating from Covid and waiting for the world to stabilize a bit.  We’re now heading south,,,slowly.

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