Marina Puerto Escondido- Mornings are Mejor

Combining a story by the HelmsMistress with Places We’ve Been, we say goodbye to Puerto Escondido, hopefully not for the last time.

From The HelmsMistress: A Photo Diary- Crossing The Sea Of Cortez

The HelmsMistress writes from a different point of view, as the full time HelmsWomen and the mom, wife and homeschool teacher on her cruising sailboat in addition to everything else she does. Take the time to check out this photo diary of our most recent crossing from La Cruz (Puerto Vallarta) to La Paz BCS.

Heading To Baja

By the time you read this, we’ll have pulled anchor and started for Baja. We’re going through a 2-day weather window between northerlies, as we’ve been sitting in the old harbor, Mazatlan for 5 days. This place is great, but others poo-poo it for its noise and activity. To me that’s life and vibrancy and […]

From The HelmsMistress: The San Patricios (Saint Patrick’s Battalion)

Homeschooling in a foreign country means celebrating your home nation’s holidays as well as those of your host nation – double celebrations right?!  More like double history lessons kids! (and mom)  Not so much double, just looking at different time periods through a different lens.  While the full extent of large-scale celebrations have been curtailed […]