Hill Day- Running Ryan Mountain

Learning to hill run again doesn’t mean I’m actually running up hills a lot….hiking and scrambling count!

Running Pavement

The author has started to find some kind of basic running routine.

Adding Mileage

The running maxim is not to add more than 10% mileage per week to the running schedule. I’m trying to train for long distance and stick with the maxim.

Stumbling To Run

There’s small leaps forward as I try to start running after knee pain and high July temperatures where I live.

It’s Not Always A Smooth Start

I’ll be the first to admit I’m not a huge fan of running in high heat, high humidity, on concrete and in the jungle. Is that a real combination….yup it sure is. And for this gringo, it’s just not that much fun. See, I’m determined to try to keep my running fun. It really hasn’t […]

Adding Mileage

Some folks think running isn’t hard or complicated.  Just go out there and do it.  I think you have to go out and start smartly to build a base of mileage and add speed – especially if you are overweight, have current or pre-existing injuries, have not run in a very long time or maybe […]


This is not a new years resolution post, as I really don’t like those nor do I like making big dramatic announcements, but I have to start some where and this is my documentation.