Notice Anything Different About Our Website?

Hi, Not sure if you noticed anything hugely different about the website, but if you look carefully…the name changed and so did so many other things.  We’ll be writing about all of it in the coming days but we’re been traveling every day so it’s hard to get wifi and it’s hard to get stories […]

Site Migration

Good Morning: Please stick with us as we start (and hopefully finish) our site migration this week to our new website. We’re staying in the WP family but we’re working on a new and updated site with all new content as we transition through our new travel digs. Don’t know what we mean by this? […]

Writing Isn’t Done

I have no excuses But, with the combination of news about losing a friend yesterday, mechanics back on the boat who have to lift the engine to work on the lower end and a few other things….I didn’t finish the longer story I was writing for today. I’m working on another 6-month version of my […]

Quincy Dane and Sailing Kitty…Waiting

Quincy Dane the Great Dane and Sailing Kitty are doing the same thing we are….waiting on engine work on our sailboat (Should start tomorrow and be done this week).  We’ve moved off the boat; first at the request of the mechanics so they would have complete access then on our own volition as we realized […]

Quincy Dane & Sailing Kitty: Adjusting To Changes

Quincy the Great Dane and Sailing Kitty took a last long look at the boat, before they had to go separate ways…off the boat. Quincy Dane has gone to her luxury spa kennel in Panama City and Sailing Kitty has gone with us. We took the animals off the boat to speed up the engine […]

A Break In Work For A Quick Holiday Reminder

This time in the season, folks are attending holiday parties and prepping for the season…one of the years biggest birthday parties. The family and I have been throwing ourselves into cleaning and taking care of Tulum as we continue to reside in Panama…with Tulum still for sale and looking gorgeous after our work. But wanting […]

Veterans Day Weekend 2022

Boat work continues, but it’s important to slow down and remember that certain holidays are celebrated for different reasons. In this spirit, we’re taking the time to slow down and say “Happy Veterans Day”.

Happy Halloween From Panama

Hmmm, how to convince you that we’ve had some really rad halloween pics of the Great Dane and Kitty, but because of our limited internet (at a marina) we can’t download the pics.  Read on!

Working On Content…When The Computer Is Fixed

Since having WiFi is an important component to putting out content, we’ve made an effort to get more consistent stories out while we’re working on the boat. It has been a constant tug of war between exhaustion and writing content when I’m working on the boat most days, but easier when I’m on vacay. Till […]