Roadtripping and Tent Camping In the West W/Kids- Dinosaur To Cheyenne-(5)

Another long drive out of Utah, through northern Colorado and into Wyoming. We were really in the iconic Western US now. But after nights of tent camping, the crew was ready for hot showers and a warm hotel room.

Do You Know WHY We Thank Veterans?

Veterans Day weekend is a time to remember and thank US Armed Forces Veterans (active duty and post-service) and slow down to remember their sacrifices. But do you know WHAT you’re thanking them for?

Sat Stories

We’re still around. I just needed a bit of a blog break since I’ve been doing a ton of work on the adventure base and still keeping my running on some kind of a schedule. So starting sat, we’ll start publishing again on Saturdays and Mondays. Trust me, we’re looking at slow ways to travel […]

Sept 19th- ITLAP Day

It’s really, really hard to come off years on a cruising sailboat and not want to celebrate this day with gusto.

Why I Think Our Skoolie Is Fairly Priced

As we walked through the packed camp ground doing an informal camping survey….we realized just how well priced our loaded skoolie really is. Should we raise the price?