From The HelmsMistress, A Last Summary For Latitude-38 Magazine

A final summary of our transition from sailboat to skoolie to Adventure Base by the HelmsMistress, possibly the last you will hear from her on this website.

The wheels on the bus went round and round…

The wheels on the bus went round and round… …all along I-10!  We made the cross-country trek from Florida to California in a mere 10 days thanks to the fearless green landship.  We really weren’t racing, just look at our website name.  It’s just that we had high hopes of seeing much more of the […]

Boat To Bus In Under Two Weeks

“As we sat up on the top deck of our bus watching the sun setting over the orange glow of the Home Depot sign while enjoying the steady rumble of the El Causa food truck’s generator, we toasted to our first safe voyage, the kindness of others, and to many new and unexpected journeys to come.”

Riding The Cruisecoaster – Thrill Seekers Wanted, by the HelmsMistress

The simultaneous freedom and vulnerability of sailing the expansive sea with your family is a glorious, yet humbling experience.  Seeing the wonder and excitement in my girls as they watch dolphins on the bow, paddling to untouched beaches with beautiful waterfalls far from the spoils of tourism, or taking notice of all the colors in a sunrise or sunset as if Mother Nature is speaking directly to me saying, “I got your back girl”.

Shelter Bay Marina And The History Of Fort Sherman By The HelmsMistress

Part of the reason we travel is to explore different landscapes from home and to experience history up close.  For us, this place has it all within a short walking distance of the marina!  If your travels find you at Shelter Bay Marina, take the time to learn a bit about the historic grounds you walk upon. 

The Panama Canal – What NOT To Expect, By The HelmsMistress

From the time I envisioned taking our floating home through the Panama Canal, I began to hear warnings and horror stories of dramatic transits from other boats that were damaged enroute, experienced significant delays in transit or had to deal with something else entirely unexpected.  What I found was that there was a lot of […]