Plant Power,,,or “Kicking Processed Food”

Yep, if anyone who knew me actually read this and realized that I have basically given up the whole sides of beef that used to be known as steaks in my house and were often guzzled in single sitting “meatgasm” dinners, they might be astonished. I was initially influenced to think about Plant Power and […]

Ironman in 2015- Still on Track

This site is about Ironman Training and Sailboats,,,,both of which I am working on- Yep, I’m still on track to complete and Ironman in 2015 and my wife will be running a Half-Ironman the same day.  This is unique as I have not seen another venue that has full and half Ironman on the same […]

Hunter Haters

I just bought a 2000 Hunter 460.  I have looked at sailboats for the last 3 years and was convinced that I would buy an older, heavier sailboat like a Hudson or a Vagabond but there are always compromises when one is looking for a sailboat and this is what we could afford and what […]

2000 Hunter 460

So,,,in mid January we closed on a 2000 Hunter 460, AWB (another white boat) but ours!  After all the years of looking and dreaming about buying a boat, it was almost anti-climatic since it was so hectic getting things together to close, re-name and move the boat to the new slip that I was overwhelmed […]

Dec 23rd

On Dec 23rd we surveyed, hauled and test sailed the 2nd sailboat we committed to, finding few major faults and basically making the decision that this would be the boat for us. The Surveyer’s were the same as we used last time, with Christian and Co in San Diego and we hauled at the same […]