So,,,in mid January we closed on a 2000 Hunter 460, AWB (another white boat) but ours!  After all the years of looking and dreaming about buying a boat, it was almost anti-climatic since it was so hectic getting things together to close, re-name and move the boat to the new slip that I was overwhelmed and probably didn’t enjoy the experience like I should have.  We re-named the boat properly, denaming it and re-naming it and then pulling off the paper to show the name, properly envoking Posidion and the other Gods and getting all the permissions.

On top of getting all this together, the surveyer had mentioned one small repair that was needed, but when he puts the word bulkhead in the survey, the insurance folks read a bit closer.  So, because of that, I had to have a whole new bulkhead rebuilt forward of the V-Berth and behind the chain locker and the whole rear portion of the chain locker,,,,with extra fiberglass for reinforcement, which makes me feel better.  This wasn’t cheap, but made me feel better like I said.

In the course of all this, I was also informed by the fiberglass guy and my broker that the boat had over 600 feet of chain (some of it rotten) just in the forward bow chain locker,,,which they had dumped overboard so he could work on the bulkhead.  I was forced to bring it all up, 300 feet by hand.  The chain is rotten and rotting together because it was left in the locker wet, now waiting for me to sort it out.  No worries, I wanted better chain anyways.

I am thrilled to have a new (used) boat, which will be a highlight of my life and I will use the next three years to turn it into a cruising sailboat safe enough for my family to Bluewater Cruise on, leaving the US in approx 2.5 years for adventures afar.

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