Dents And Dings: Getting Expert Help With Tulum’s Cosmetics

After three years of cruising, part of Tulum’s upkeep and maintenance was to get her dents, dings and missing paint spots fixed by experts. Shelter Bay Marina was able to help with that and did a nice job.

Brightwork: Making The Boat Worth Seeing

In the beginning, our toe rails and windows were flaking, the brightwork worn away by three years under the sun and marinated in salt and surf. It took good quality strippin, a bit of sanding and 12 layers of vanish to bring it all back to life. Wanna learn how…check out this post-

Multiple Projects While Waiting On Our Engine Install

Just like the other times we had to stay for extended periods of time in marinas, we’re using this time to improve, modernize and update our beloved sailboat, Tulum-5. Here’s some of our concurrent projects, happening right now.

Finding Thanksgiving

Tulum-5 is a veteran sailboat built in the late 70’s and designed to be a performance cruiser doing long bluewater passages.  As such, she’s got a fair amount of tankage for water and diesel but she’s just-on-another-level when it comes to dry storage.

Improvements As We Go

Continual improvement and upkeep/updates are needed when you’re cruising on an older boat. Here’s what we did in June to update and improve Tulum 5.