Checking out a unique boat....the Endeavor 37 (Plan-A)
Endeavor 37 Plan-A Layout

I really like to check out unique boats and then do a bit of research into their origins, usually making the decision to do a quick story on my walk-throughs here on the website.  Over the weekend, I had a chance to check out an Endeavor 37 Plan-A…a most unique boat.

This particular Endeavor 37 is one of the Plan-A models, which I had never seen before…but they’re still out there and scooping one up in decent condition at a good price is well within most people’s range.  But like our friends, be prepared for lots of work on an aging experienced boat with heaps of personality.  Endeavor built a total of about 476 boats that were Plan-A, B and C..and came in Sloop, Cutter and Ketch Models of different sizes until 1983.  Our friends boat is a 1982 Endeavor 37, so it’s one of the newest models made just before the production run was shut down in 1983.  Getting a good tour of the boat, I was blown away by how much larger the U-shaped salon forward makes the boat look and feel.  For your thinking….the salon was built into the area where you normally find a large V-berth and/or a forward head…but like I said on this boat it’s all salon seating area and really comfortable.  There’s one head and then two double berths grouped on either side of the companionway…one of the berths slightly larger than the other with a privacy door and a private entrance to the head.

There is a lot of information about Endeavors on the website and while the info is solid, there’s also lots of folks out there with their own opinions on the boat.  I’ll leave it to the owners to sort all that out, on the water.

Here’s a quick picture of the U shaped salon forward:

U-shaped salon forward….btw these guys are one of our very first followers.

I’ve never gotten a chance to see one of these before and when close friends invited us to check their boat out, I jumped at it.  To be fair, they’ve owned the boat for several years but we have just not been in a position or proximity to see it, so it was exciting to go see the culmination of several months of their hard work to prep the boat to go back in the water after it was shipped from the east coast.

I still love getting to check out unique boats and figure out what makes them tick….that’s part of the reason I write for this site after all.  I hope this post tickles your interest in unique boats…we’ll continue to write about them as we get time to get on them.  AND….despite our own sailboat being up for sale….we’re gonna continue to cruise ourselves after she sells.  And I’m going to continue to write for this blog.  Keep reading our stories as we LOVE our followers and we love your comments and questions.



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