An informative paper about (you guessed it) mushrooms!! Written for school but great to share on Kids Corner.

MINECRAFT: The End Update, Produced By Kids Corner

A discussion about the End Update for MINECRAFT, produced by Kids Corner. Kids Corner is a feature on our website that we try to publish every Friday…written by kids for kids, gamers or the kid at heart. The kids who produce this website segment live full time on a cruising sailboat currently in Panama.

Kids Corner: Minecraft 1.20 & What’s In Store For The Future?

One of the reasons the name of 1.20 has yet to be released may have to do with the fact that this update is a bit of a jumble, and not a lot of things are related and correlated under one such name. Still, many of the things being added have been long due, so without further ado, let’s dive into it, shall we?

Kids Corner: Back To The States

Alrighty, hello, my peeps! About a week or so ago, we started our journey back to the states (US). No, we’re not leaving the marina and bringing the boat north yet, but we are flying via airline back home.  The animals (Quincy and Oreo, dog and cat respectively) will be going to kennels while we’re […]

Kids Corner: Looking Forward

We have only basic ideas of what’s next, depending on weather and such, but we have two options. There are only two major weather windows that happen around here: either in November or April.

Kids Corner: Eco Tours At Shelter Bay Marina, Panama

So basically, imagine a bunker from the 1920’s that’s in the middle of the jungle that’s coming out of this big hill, then imagine it nearly a hundred years later: the jungle has taken over, vines are crawling over everything, weeds have overflowed the sidewalks, and the horizon is blocked out by huge trees.

Kids Corner: The Panama Canal From A Kid View

Our experience through the canal started at about 3:00 in the morning. I woke up, got dressed and found, to my intense surprise, that, as usual, I was the last one awake, despite the time. Such is the woes of one who sleeps in.