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Alrighty, peeps. Today we are taking a break from the Minecraft posts to look at another game that I haven’t really talked about in depth before: Genshin Impact. For those who haven’t been here long enough to read my previous posts, or just for a recap, GI is a Roleplay Adventure game with an open world. Said world is ruled by the seven elements, and through a gatcha system the player can obtain characters who can weild these elemental powers. Genshin Impact can be played on Computer, Playstation, mobile, and has a planned release for Nintendo Switch as well. While very similar to Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild to the point of controversy, Genshin impact is indeed it’s very own unique game, with the ability to switch between characters with unique attacks and elements of their own. Along with that, the game’s lore itself is huuuge. I could talk about them for days, and that’s not without it’s explaining. Today, however, I will be discussing some of my favorite GI conspiracy theories!! (spoiler alert ahead ;D)

Ok so first of all,

#1!!!!: Kaeya is an Abyss Lector. Ok, ok, ok, just hear me out! Yes, Kaeya is a secret agent from Khaenri’ah, and yes it might be a bit of a stretch, BUT JUST LOOK AT THE SIGNS, OK?!? Kaeya has always been a little bit different from the other characters, which could be explained by the Khaenri’ah thing but it also could be something else! Look, as most players know, the Abyssal lectors all have a human form which they can all switch to at will, and along with that their attacks are all similar to the corresponding element of an Abyss mage of their same element. For example, an Electro abyss mage’s attacks consist of sending spheres of pure electro energy at their enemies, which the Electro abyss mage does as well. It can also be assumed that the Pyro Abyss Lector and Mage correspond to this happening… as well as the cryo Abyss lector. Kaeya comes into play when we notice that his ult is actually the same as the abyss lectors! Kaeya’s ult consists of him summoning three icicles that rotate around himfor a set amount of time. Said icicles are exactly the same as ones the the Cryo Abyss mage can summon. A COINCIDENCE?!?! I THINK NOT!!! Also, one of Kaeya’s talents used to be called “Heart of the Abyss” before it was changed. It would make sense, too, because the monsters of the abyss are all from Khanri’ah. Perhaps Kaeya, who is descended from the original ruling regents of Khanri’ah, is still serving as a sort of ruler of what remains… or perhaps lector would be a better word.

                        Anywho peeps thanks for reading and have a good day!

                                                            Karalaral, out!!    

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