WESTWARD HO! And A Rejuvenating Goat Farm

This place was truly an experience, not just a destination.  We didn’t realize how bad we all needed this.

Westward Bound

Not a full story as we’ve boondocked at one of the most haunted sites in the southwest, and it’s….rad!

Boat To Bus In Under Two Weeks

“As we sat up on the top deck of our bus watching the sun setting over the orange glow of the Home Depot sign while enjoying the steady rumble of the El Causa food truck’s generator, we toasted to our first safe voyage, the kindness of others, and to many new and unexpected journeys to come.”

Sailboat To School Bus

Post supposed to be written two weeks ago in Tampa, but written in Texas instead….cause I finally have time and wifi:

Kids Corner: Back For A Visit

Another road trip up Baja by car knocked out…kids back in the land of plenty. Here’s a quick Kids Corner take on it all-

Catalina Moon

My wife takes great pictures.  She shot this at approx 0530 in the morning as we were leaving Twin Harbors, Catalina last July.

Rosie the Riveter Museum and Mountain Hardware Store

In April we attended the Pacific Sail and Power Boat Show in Richmond, Ca USA,,,,and found a few unexpected surprises that were awesome. Right beside the historic former Ford Manufacturing Plant where the Pacific Sailboat and Power Boat Show was being held is the Rosie the Riveter museum, shown in the picture above.  Before lunch, […]