Puppy Power

We have a Great Dane puppy who still doesn’t have all her shots and therefore, can’t really leave the property until she’s fully vaccinated.  We’ve been through this numerous times before, but it’s a natural human phenomena not to remember all drama that previous loving pets caused.  Except, I have a monster in my living […]

Death Noodle…In The House

We knew once we found an adventure base the family would grow, but I never imagined we would take on a “Death Noodle”!

Check Out Our Newest Family Member

We travel slow but usually have pets somewhere close, either with us or waiting for us when we get home. Story about our newest edition.

Quincy Dane and Sailing Kitty…Waiting

Quincy Dane the Great Dane and Sailing Kitty are doing the same thing we are….waiting on engine work on our sailboat (Should start tomorrow and be done this week).  We’ve moved off the boat; first at the request of the mechanics so they would have complete access then on our own volition as we realized […]

Bringing Quincy Back

We put Quincy in the kennel since we thought we would have our engine fixed and perform a sea-trial, but three weeks later we were still waiting on mechanics. We missed our Q-Dog, so we brought her back from the kennel-