Quincy Dane And Sailing Kitty Cross The Continental Divide

We continue to push west on our skoolie, but had to pause early this day to check out the most beautiful boondocking site….at a winery. Kitty and Great Dane loves it.

Quincy Dane and Sailing Kitty…Waiting

Quincy Dane the Great Dane and Sailing Kitty are doing the same thing we are….waiting on engine work on our sailboat (Should start tomorrow and be done this week).  We’ve moved off the boat; first at the request of the mechanics so they would have complete access then on our own volition as we realized […]

Bringing Quincy Back

We put Quincy in the kennel since we thought we would have our engine fixed and perform a sea-trial, but three weeks later we were still waiting on mechanics. We missed our Q-Dog, so we brought her back from the kennel-

Our Holiday Message, From The LF2SF Family

Holidays are a time for us to slow down and reflect. This holiday season is no different, making sure to reflect on what we’re thankful for and ensuring we remember grace in the face of adversity. Quincy Dane and Sailing Kitty wanted to take this time to wish you all “Happy Holidays”.

“How Does That Huge Dog Do On A Sailboat”?

Having a Great Dane on a (sail) boat obviously gets noticed and becomes a conversation starter sometimes. We just can’t hide our Great Dane in a purse. But the question we get the most is “How does she do on the boat?”

Quincy Dane Speaks: Buying A Boat In A Foreign Country Can Save You Money

So you wanna buy a boat and have potentially found a boat you LOVE…but it’s in Panama.  What to do?
But you can potentially save money by buying a boat in Panama instead of the US.  And, remember that Panama is below the hurricane belt, so there’s less chance of buying a “hurricane honey” in Panama than in other places.