We have a Great Dane puppy who still doesn’t have all her shots and therefore, can’t really leave the property until she’s fully vaccinated.  We’ve been through this numerous times before, but it’s a natural human phenomena not to remember all drama that previous loving pets caused.  Except, I have a monster in my living room and memories of destruction by our previous Danes have come flooding back.   This puppy is growing…..quickly.

There’s a strong will in these dogs that has them zero in on new furniture, nice antique wood and basically anything around the house without teeth marks on it.  We’re getting used to it, the puppy is growing exponentially and we’re waiting on the final set of shots so we can start puppy training with her.

Have a great day and I hope you have had a great weekend.

Super puppy, happy in her spot as she gets her restorative nap.

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