The Green Machine Is….On The Market

It’s time for the Green Machine to move to another family….so it can continue its own adventure travels. Where will you go?

Time For The Green Machine To Keep Moving

Hi, we have not posted in awhile because we’ve been slammed busy…which is good. Ever thought of rockin’ a skoolie for traveling or camping ? Our beloved Green Machine is about to go on sale!

The wheels on the bus went round and round…

The wheels on the bus went round and round… …all along I-10!  We made the cross-country trek from Florida to California in a mere 10 days thanks to the fearless green landship.  We really weren’t racing, just look at our website name.  It’s just that we had high hopes of seeing much more of the […]

Waiting To Wait


From Boat to Bus we travel slow with kids, dog and cat. But right now we’re waiting on waiting.

Westward Bound

Not a full story as we’ve boondocked at one of the most haunted sites in the southwest, and it’s….rad!

Boat To Bus In Under Two Weeks

“As we sat up on the top deck of our bus watching the sun setting over the orange glow of the Home Depot sign while enjoying the steady rumble of the El Causa food truck’s generator, we toasted to our first safe voyage, the kindness of others, and to many new and unexpected journeys to come.”

Sailboat To School Bus

Post supposed to be written two weeks ago in Tampa, but written in Texas instead….cause I finally have time and wifi: