We continue to push west on our skoolie, but had to pause early this day to check out the most beautiful boondocking site….at a winery. Kitty and Great Dane loves it.

That’s right…both Quincy Dane (Great Dane) and sailing kitty crossed the continental divide today.

Shortly after crossing the divide, we were off the 10 in search of our first spot via Harvest Host…and it hasn’t disappointed. Being a Sunday, we only drove for 3-4 hours today, so we could take a rest day and avoid the major afternoon winds we saw coming. (Yes, we still watch the weather like we did on the boat)

We’ll tell you all about this wonderful winery we’re staying at once we get more connectivity, but needless to say both kitty and Great Dane like taking an early driving break and we love staying in places like this-

Sailing Kitty Loves Wildflowers

Very long driving day tomorrow as we continue to chase time zones and head west, make sure to check out our story on weds… from the HelmsMistress!

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  1. Another line crossed. Both animals look so beautiful in wildflowers. Enjoy all of u.

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