As travelers, we have to say goodbye to special places, special friends and our faithful chariots on a regular basis. This was no different. We wish the new owners and the Green Machine, "Fair Winds and Following Seas".
The Green Machine, with a new driver.

As the Green Machine rumbled to life one last time in our driveway with a new driver at the helm, I knew that another chapter in our lives was coming to an end.  We knew several months ago that it was time for the Green Machine (now Greta the Green Machine) to move on to another family, but I just didn’t expect to be this emotional watching someone else take over the drivers seat.  The Green Machine was our family chariot right after we sold our cruising sailboat and moved back to the US.  We toured the country in it and I guess it’s my visual link right back to our life just off the boat.  But several days ago a new family took over the bus and has started new adventures in it.  We’ll really miss her comforting presence as our family chariot, but I’m really so happy that she’s gone to another family who has already started great adventures in her.  

The Green Machine heading out the gate one last time.  On to a new adventure! 
The Green Machine on pavement, last view as it rumbles off into adventure.

What can I say.  Another era ended and another era started for us as we begin adventures in a new chariot.  Yep, we’ve already started taking extended trips tent camping throughout the US and will be bringing all of that info to you on this travel website about traveling slowly and traveling with kids.  

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The wheels on the bus went round and round…

Final word: 

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5 Responses

  1. I just checked in to Pensacola and CDR Gray is one of my team members here. She says you guys worked together at NMFL

  2. Was wondering if the new owners had any social media. I saw them getting towed off a small backroad near where I live. I also live in a Skoolie and would like to get to know them if they live in the area

  3. I don’t know if the new owners have social media and we’re not on Facebook. The bus has our logo on it (old owners) and I’m not sure where you live either, but I think they’re up and running again, at least I hope so- take care and thank you for the comment-

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