When we do have great weather and we’re not underway, we do everything we can to cook great meals on the Big Green Egg.  It’s easy, ifun, a great conversation starter and I love the time in our 2nd owners cockpit with great music and a cold drink, working on dinner for the family. 

Simply put, we don’t always eat as much meat as it might look like because of the cooking stories published on this website and we’re constantly looking for new and interesting types of food to cook on the Big Green Egg.  Being only 1 of 2 boats we’ve ever seen with a Big Green Egg onboard, we strive to cook as much as possible on it but it’s harder than you might think on board a sailboat.  Our Big Green Egg cooking is often overruled by the little things….like underway time, the weather, lack of food to easily cook on the Egg and the weather. On this particular occasion and in this particular harbor….we wanted something more fancy than the last cauliflower recipe we cooked onboard, so I decided to pull out the book and see what I could find.

My daughter, telling me to COOK, because she’s hungry.

I settled on Dry Rubbed and Roast Cauliflower.  Here we go:  the prep is fairly straightforward and easy so I usually start the Egg first to get it to temperature (working up to 375) and then head down to the galley to start the prep.  In this case, I go straight to the recipe on pg. 133 of Mr. Ray Lampe’s Big Green Egg Cookbook *(I’ve used it before), gather all my ingredients in one place and start the prep on the cauliflower.

Ingredients gathered, I make the dry rub and the broth and get the dry rub on the cauliflower.  Pretty quickly after doing that, I shape a tinfoil dome to go over the veggie, get it on the Egg and let the smoke and heat do the rest.  Once done with this step, I make the glaze and prep for the next step, which is too easy.

Dry rubbed cauliflower ready to get covered and go on the Green Egg.

An hour later, I take the cauliflower off the Egg, lightly coat it in the glaze and stick it back in the Egg, but this time without the tinfoil I had previously covered it with.  Now I just need another hour, and it’s done.

Glazed applied and tin foil off, cauliflower back on the Egg.
Done, another great veggie recipe cooked to perfection on the Big Green Egg.

Having the time to cook healthy and creative meals for my family using the Big Green Egg is really fun for me and helps me to recharge my batteries.  As I’ve alluded to above, we’re working hard to start learning to cook more and different kinds of veggies on the grill, so we’ll continue to bring you those stories.

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