Not a full story as we’ve boondocked at one of the most haunted sites in the southwest, and it’s….rad!

We’re moving west at a steady pace….like daily. But today you are not getting much in the way of a blog post because we’ve stopped at one of the most haunted places in the southwest…..and incidentally they are known to have the finest ribeye in the state. This place has been nice enough to let us stay in the parking lot (just down from the cemetery) so we’re taking lots of pictures and soaking up the ambiance. It’s been awhile since we’ve been somewhere with dollars stapled on ceilings, haunted corridors and rooms and a fine wine cellar in the old walk-in freezer.

Not to worry, I’ll bring u more when I can with photos and more of the story. For now, we’re enjoying this day and we’re bound for a winery we found on Harvest Hosts tomorrow-

Have a rad weekend, I hope u have good weather and stay safe from any crazy weather-

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