Ever been to a fancy restaurant or hotel or vacation that made you miss your boat or home? I have.

Our anniversary was Monday but because we knew that babysitting would be in short supply the first couple weeks of December, we celebrated our anniversary a bit early. 

Based on recommendations from our roving reporter and some online info, we settled on a hotel in the downtown San Diego “Gaslamp” district and a nice place for dinner that we had never tried.  The  hotel in the Gaslamp area of San Diego is within walking distance of the stadium and in the middle  of great restaurants, bars and other hotels.  The entire downtown has been redone, much like Houston years ago when I was there.  The hotel was nice.  Very trendy and a bit hipster from the onset but nice.  It also has one of three champagne vending machines in the US, one of the reasons I settled on the hotel for our weekend out.  We got all dressed up and found our way to dinner.  Later in the evening, we found ourselves in the Oxford Social Club.  Wow, what a difference from our life on a sailboat with a Great Dane and kids.  From the onset, I knew it totally wasn’t my scene and although hotwife was dressed for the place, it really wasn’t her scene either.  We had a better time when we found drinks in the quiet hotel bar.

The next day, it was more relaxing for me to get back to the boat and sleep in our little cramped boat bed; which couldn’t be more different than the giant king sized feather bed at the hotel.  Don’t get me wrong- the hotel was an upscale trendy place with great service.  We had a good time there for our anniversary night out and we appreciate that we could do that inside the space of our crazy lives.  BUT, the point is totally not about our anniversary or the hotel….just that there was such a difference between the posh and trendy world of the hotel/Oxford Social Club/downtown San Diego vibe and our boat/sailing existence.  YES, we’ve both gotten older and perhaps grown out of that scene naturally….(but we still like going to a nice restaurant every once in a while).  I think the boat has naturally helped with this transition, as it’s slowed me down enough to appreciate the boat more and more when I’m away from her.  I also think there’s some people who may not understand that we don’t have a great need  for a house…I like to keep moving forward and hate stagnation.  But…I do so love having a “home” and a bit of a routine, but we can get that anywhere we are…our boat is home but not a house (obviously).

If you’ve got wonderlust or just want to feel it through writing and photos, stay with us, as we depart the pattern for warmer climes in Oct of 19.

Here’s a quote and picture that inspires me to do better for myself and my family:

“Work your ass off for something that’s vitally important to you

Instead of working for something that someone else has decided is important.”

Cane Garden Bay, BVI looking north.  Our bareboat catamaran is in the picture and my two girls play on the beach. Photo credit to Hotwife.

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  1. Well said overall. We can easily concur with you that a minimalist lifestyle frees our mind from the material distractions that we thought was so important before. BTW: CGB is one of my favorite bays in the BVI’s; there is something very special about that location.
    And a special onboard Happy Anniversary to you and your wife.
    Cheers, CJ

    1. Hi, thanks so much. CGB was up and running when we were there with non potable water but no fuel yet. Overall great place but would be rocky if the wind were different. Love the rum distillery- Thanks for reading!

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