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Ok peeps, so today we have another quite hotly discussed topic on our hands: the End update for Minecraft. Many minecrafters have been anticipating this update for some time now, with ample clues and hints from Mojang: The devs have discussed the dimensions previously and said that a new dimension would only be released once the three current ones had been updated. Well, obviously the Overworld has been updated many times, and the Nether update was a huge success, leaving only the End update yet to be released or even announced. Many were anticipating that the unnamed 1.20 update would be the End update, but were disappointed during Minecraft live 2022.

The current end, while certainly hard enough right now, could use a little bit of renovating compared to the other dimensions. Once you hop into the ender portal, you spawn in one of varied locations near the main island, where the obsidian columns sit in a circle around the portal back, with the ender dragon’s watchful eye soaring overhead. Your main goal is to kill the ender dragon, which will officially end the game and give you the legendary ender dragon egg, which is more for aesthetical purposes than practical. Once you’ve exploded the crystals atop the obsidian columns, you can attack the ender dragon without worry that it will respawn its health, and eventually kill it. Killing it will give you a heck ton of XP and cause the portal back home to activate, and as soon as you jump in the portal a written-out conversation between two NPCs will start, as the sort of final parting, sort of a last hurrah because you’ve won the game. That’s not it, of course. You can continue your world as you please or begin a new one if you wish. Other than being a great XP farm, the Ender dragon fight is more a symbolic one than anything. It’s the last obstacle, the final hurdle before you’ve completed the game and can now claim that title. It’s the end of the game, hence the name. You’ve gotten as far as you can, discovered everything you can do—except for the end cities of course. When the ender dragon dies and the portal back to the overworld opens, so does another portal on the edge of the main island. When you jump into said portal you spawn on one of the outer islands, which generate randomly and can sometimes be seen from the main island, though they are unreachable unless you suddenly learn how to fly (foreshadowing, oooOOOoooo). On these islands of course are more endermen and Chorus fruit trees! From said trees you can get chorus fruit, an edible which restores 4 hearts and randomly teleports you to a nearby location. Other than that, there’s not much until you skip forward to the End city, a whole city built like a tree and suspended in midair. At these cities, Shulker boxes guard the way to the end ships, where Elytra (basically wings) and Ender Dragon heads can be found. So, beyond this huge description, not much to be said about the end. No biomes, only one specific mob to the dimension, no food beyond the chorus fruit, not much in general, really. The only main attractions are the Ender Dragon and the End cities.

Yet, perhaps there is hope yet for spoilers to an update that may or may not actually come out, though you do not know it. for hidden within the dark regions I have emerged victorious and with new knowledge… aka I played Minecraft: Dungeons and it’s version of the end, and let me tell you, it’s pretty souped-up.

Various types of endermen, some of which are quite terrifying, new biomes, grasses and trees, new game mechanics, and even a new boss, as well as upgraded end cities of course. While the chance that all these things will make it into Minecraft itself is small (there are thousands of new things added to Minecraft dungeons every update, and it would overflow the player’s senses and gameplay to the point where it would not be Minecraft anymore. Adding everything from Minecraft dungeons to Minecraft itself would not only change the game forever and how player see it, but it would also ruin the core concepts that the game was built on.), there still may be a chance some of it does end up in the game. It also gives a chance to see Mojang’s perspective of things and how the end update may look like upon release. Beyond this, anything else is pure rumors.

            Anywho, thanks for reading guys, and have a nice day.

                                                Karalaral, out.

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