Trying to write (post) about real stuff,,,,,and actually doing it!

Yesterday’s post showed you what I’ve been doing this whole week, which is packing up our house so we can downsize to a smaller house till I retire then move onto the boat.  I’m doing it while parenting two small kids as a single dad, as my wife’s job is 3 hours away,,,,so she moved closer to the job in order to continue to work.  I support her in doing this, but it’s not easy or clean or perfect.  We are not perfect, but we’re perfect for each other.  For the last 3 years, I’ve written about sailboats, cruising and whatever else I wanted to,,,,,but this blog has always had an eye on moving the family to a sailboat and eventually taking off to parts unknown.  Finally, we’re putting our money where our mouth is,,,,and doing just that,,,slowly.  First, we had to sell the house (we’re working on that-soon), then move out (we’re doing that now), then I needed to retire and move the family onto the boat.  My wife is living on the boat now,,,,and I’m hopeful that when we all move down there, she’s not smothered by the chaos that we bring.  Think about it,,,,she’s living on the boat now,,,,but when we move down there,,,,we bring me and two kids + the Great Dane!!! Despite the kids and dog,,,,she then has to start dealing with me full time again,,,,and Lord knows I’m not easy to deal with all the time.  I think after I retire I’ll turn over a new leaf and become less focused and direct,,,,,huh,,,,really???? Internal monologue says that’s dumb and will never happen, but good try!!!

In the last week, this blog has had lots of new readers and lots of new followers.  THANKS, tell your friends to follow,,,just to figure out if we can actually get a Great Dane to actually live on a sailboat or not?

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