First cook using the new Big Green Egg on a sailboat....I'm SO stoked!

As I write this, I’m overcome by how far we’ve come as a family since last Presidents Day Weekend.  Here’s the link to my post past year (but the pics are missing for some reason):  Presidents Day Weekend last year we closed on Tulum 5 and bought our dinghy in the same weekend.  So, this is actually our one year anniversary of owning our boat.  Yeah!

I posted about getting a Big Green Egg for my birthday:  I’ve been having a mount built for the boat that will hold the Big Green Egg securely and safely for cooking on the boat.  In thinking through how to mount the Big Green Egg on the boat, I envisioned a bombproof mount that wouldn’t rust and would be mounted on one of the rails of the boat.  The mount needed to be custom-made, so I enlisted the services of Mr. Seth Eslin of Megla Mfg, a company here in National City, California.  Megla Mfg specializes in stainless steel and any other kind of metal needed, using a giant Water Jet Cutter, numerous bending, welding and other sorts of machines to do what you need done with most any kind of metal.  Seth came to the boat in January to measure the spot on the rail where I wanted the barbecue, took the actual Big Green Egg (size small) to the shop to use as a guide and started the basic sketches to make a perfect fit.  I was impressed when I got a phone call telling me he had to buy upgraded aluminum that wouldn’t rust for the job and then I stopping by the shop in late January and early February to look over the build.  Once done, Seth personally brought the frame to the boat to make sure it fit perfect.

Here’s the rail space where the Green Egg and Frame would go:

Clean rail in the pic is where the barbecue will go.

Friday afternoon frame install:  Seth brought the frame to the boat and went back and forth to his shop (Megla) three times to make final tweaks before final install.  The final install was perfect.

Seth doing the final install of the Big Green Egg Frame on the stainless side rail on Tulum 5’s stern.

Saturday morning, first use of the Big Green Egg to make pulled pork.  I started at 0930 using indirect heat at 275 degrees for six hours.  Notice the handle is on backwards because we bought it on close-out sale.

First Time I have lit the Big Green Egg on my sailboat, getting it to 275 degrees for indirect cooking.
Six hours later- ready to add the apple juice and cook for another 1/2 hour.
Pulled Pork, done and ready to sit for 1/2 hour to absorb the juice.

All said and done, the Egg performed flawlessly but the cook could have done better.  Using the pork sirloin may have been my mistake, as it just doesn’t have the fat content that an actual pork butt has.  In my own estimation, the pulled pork turned out to be a bit dry and not as juicy as I’d like.  But, after mixing it with great barbecue sauce, it was a good meal.  Next time I’ll use an actual pork butt.  Next up for my Big Green Egg on a boat….Beer Can Chicken.

Like Boats, big dogs (Great Danes) or Big Green Egg Barbecue?….stay with us as we write about it all and work toward cutting the docklines in November.

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