LF2SF isn't sure they'll make the Ha-Ha as they wrestle with the rebuild of their sailboat engine-

We went to Catalina Island, Ca last weekend but didn’t make it (to land) cause our engine may have seized up.  Our engine’s currently in pieces with a team of mechanics working with us to find the exact problem- get the engine out of the boat- fix it- and put it back in the boat….all in time to hopefully make Baja Ha Ha 2019.   At this point I’m not completely optimistic we’re gonna make the Ha-Ha based on the work related estimates we’ve gotten in terms of how LONG it will take to find, fix and replace some of our aged engine parts.  We’re working with the best mechanics San Diego has to offer…so we want the engine fixed and back into the boat in time for Baja Ha-Ha.  Or we miss the Baja Ha-Ha and just say we paid a lot of money for the 2019 Ha-Ha Flag,,,,cause we’re gonna leave one way or the other.  I mean, either with the Ha-Ha or all by ourselves..we’re still going to go.  A bummer to become one of those Ha-Ha stats for folks who sign up but don’t start…but SOOO much better to figure this out near our home port. 

We’re gonna continue to work through this process as we go- Here’s a few pics of our tow home-

Morning, while the engine was still running. Catalina in the foreground.
Our capable crew prepping for tow.
Getting our Tow started, back to San Diego. We were less than 5 miles from Cat Harbor, Catalina.
Catalina Island as we’re getting towed away from it, starting a 15-hour slog home.                                                                                                                                    

Yep, we were this close!

Here’s the bottom line:  We want to go on Baha Ha-Ha but we’re resilient enough that if we miss it….we’re gonna leave when we can.  Regardless of all that, we want to continue to connect with each of you.  This might be through this website, our fledgling YouTube Site, the Patreon Account or our Pinterest site.  Please continue to follow us as we work through these challenges and prep to cast off the docklines. 

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  1. You guys are in our prayers, for a quick ad inexpensive resolution to your engine problems!

  2. Oh No! Bummed for you but grateful that you discovered it in SD and not under way. I’m thinking some miraculous can happen so you leave with the Haha, if not a day or two after.

  3. Oh no! OK this is Mike and we have talked before. I owned Amnesia your sister ship. Here is some information about your boat. Mike and LInda had the boat hauled in Phuket, Thailand probably 6 or 7 years ago. They were on the last leg of their 11 year round the world trip. They pulled the engine in Thailand and had it rebuilt by some Australian guy.

    After they left Thailand they headed into the red sea. They were sticking pretty close to Yemen and trying to avoid Somalia. The engine quit not long after they entered the red sea. They tacked and tacked and made it near to Port Said and there they checked the engine. As I recall they had to take a camel train north to some larger city looking for parts. Eventually they sailed and were helped by another cruiser and got to Egypt. When they tore the engine up one of the crank bearing caps had fallen off and the piston shaft was banging around. I understand they repaired it there and then continued on to complete the round the world trip.

    I don’t know what cylinder was the problem one.

    Don’t know if this will give you any useful information or not.


  4. Mike, hi, thanks so much for getting back to us with this info. Could be important info for us- We also tore our mainsail when it ripped down the middle so we’re having to get Tulum a new set of clothes as well, main and mizzen- Chad

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