Not all followers open or read blogs they follow....and folks need to understand that reality.

I do watch my blog stats!  I admit it.  As a writer of a blog in a niche area with a potentially limited audience, I wonder if this limits me.  Then I remember I don’t really care because the readers that I do have on a regular basis are awesome folks who actually engage…a lot.  I read about the blogging ups and downs of mega-bloggers like a opinionated man (Harsh Reality) who have some of the same challenges that I do on my tiny niche blog.  I also know this blog wasn’t started (like some other blogs I know) for me or my family, it’s truly meant to be a resource for folks if possible.  But back to the question in the title: Are my readers fickle or are they just busy and overloaded with information?  Even though we may follow a blog, I would venture to say we don’t always read it or even click on it some or most of the time.  Reading all the blogs I follow would be a royal pain in the ass, especially as some of those bloggers post 5-8 times per day.  I think I’m right….readers don’t always read our blogs even though they follow them; and THAT’s OK.  I appreciate anyone who follows, reads, glances at or comments on my blog at all.  It’s royally cool to have followers who comment back and I appreciate it.

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  1. You know, there will always the ‘fickles’ anywhere you look. I don’t mind if they are fickle as long as they are kind about it. No one wants to read an @$$ like comment. I like your posts. You are informative, you come across as a realistic individual, I love that you are a dad, husband, father, and dog owner on top of trying to care for your health and refit a boat. I’m impressed that you carve time out to post to your blog and keep rocking at it. And think of this, your blog, yeah the one that speaks about your experience, is an excellent journal of your cruising life. Yeah, I know, you’re still at the dock but you know what I mean.
    Always looking forward to reading what’s on your mind.

  2. We love your posts! I’ll admit, here is what happens sometimes–see the email about the new post, go to click and read, baby interrupts, get distracted, go do a million other chores, and then forget to go back! But when I do have a quiet moment, I love reading the blog.

  3. I do lots of reading and try to remember to like and rarely comment – only due to lack of time! Keep going – I bet they are viewed a lot more than they are liked/shared/commented on…. 🙂

    Short blogs – catchy titles… plenty of… 🙂

    1. Jackie, hi, thanks. Working on learning to make curtains right now as the boat has metal blinds that make noise when under way, gotta have cloth blinds

  4. I have chosen to write once a week or so for just that reason. I don’t have partial posts ready to finish and post, I just puke my guts on the screen as the inspiration hits and hope for the best. It’s all about what makes you happy not the number of likes.

    1. Happy New Year. Thanks for the nice words. I have this understanding but still have not broken through like you, but of course I blog in a niche corner or try to. I’m ok with that, but it would be nice to get above like,,,,500 or so, I can’t even imagine the work to get to 50K-

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