Heloo, everyone! Sorry for the long intervals in between posts, but its just the same old same old: NOTHING TO WRITE ABOUT. And yes, yes, there are SOME things I could write about, but I don’t wanna be too gregarious and bore you on how horribly the engine work is going, or how hot it is down here in the summer.  So instead, I will write about this game I found on Roblox!   It’s called… Warrior Cats: Ultimate edition! It’s a role-playing game, and it’s actually a lot of fun (this is a lot coming from someone who is never motivated to role-play and has no interest in it for the most part), so let me tell you a little bit about it!  !!!WARNING!!! Some of the terms, words, and references used in the upcoming paragraph all come from the Warriors book series, and so if you have not read the series, you may have some trouble comprehending what some of these words mean. FYI. !!!ALSO_WARNING!!! This game that I’m talking about is one in two games to be planned (so far), and for this specific game, all Roles, landmarks, game passes, and OC’s will be specific to the Forest territory; the Devs will be making a second game for the lake territory sometime early next year, they have everything very neatly planned out on their discord, so go check it out!

The Map: The map is very beautifully designed, with iconic landmarks from the books, like all the Clan Camps, the Barn, Carrionplace, the Kittypet houses, Mothermouth, the moonstone and more; all the clan territories are clearly marked by some words near the top of the screen, telling you weather you are in ShadowClan, Thunderclan, Riverclan, Windclan, or unclaimed territories. Sometimes it will also say the location you are at, like the Owltree or Fourtrees, maybe. There are also ways to teleport to all the Clan Camps, and several landmarks, although you will need to have discovered said landmark first before you are able to teleport to it.

The Moonstone- yes, it is this bright
Shade-pelt in front of Snake Rocks, holding some Yarrow.

The Morphs: the morphs (or the way you design you character) are incredibly creative. There are so many shades, different ways to color you coat, and even scars! There are even several accessories, and game passes offer even more options! You can be blind, half blind, have eyes with two different colors, have leopard spots, have pink ears and toes, the possibilities are endless!

One of my Oc’s- Dawn Leaf

The Herb System: For those of you excited to roleplay as medicine cats, this gameplay mechanic should make your lives a little bit more exciting: in this game you can gather herbs! The herbs you can get are, as listed: Dock Leaves, Chervil, Yarrow, Thyme, Juniper berries, Poppy seeds, Borage, Catmint, Moss, and Cobwebs. In every Clan camp medicine den, there is a storage shelf where you can store herbs, up to 2-4, depending on the herb. Another cool thing is that you can chew up certain herbs (Dock leaves, Borage, yarrow) and apply them to wounds (which you can activate in the health menu) to heal them overtime.

Shade-pelt chewing some yarrow into a poultice.
Shade-pelt holding a poultice made of Dock Leaves.

Anyways, I hope you enjoyed this brief description of the game, I didn’t include everything to discover but if you want more information check out the wiki!  Or just head over to the game itself on Roblox. It’s free, and there is a huge, amazing community that will help you out if you ever have any questions. Thanks for reading this post and as a bonus, I will list some of the updates planned (everything is a WIP, nothing is definitely coming to the game unless the devs say so)!

P.S. the updates 

Full moon phases for gatherings and half-moon meetings

Prey and hunting mechanics

Star-clan and Dark Forest maps

Natural disasters

New accessories/inventory feature

An original soundtrack

A possible (possible) sequal

Event packs

And many more! 🙂

And there you have it.  First post in weeks on Kids Corner but not the last.  Kids Corner is a forum where we let our kids write about whatever they want (within reason) and we lightly edit the writing before putting in on our website.  So these are the ramblings of two kids who live full time on their sailboat in the Sea of Cortez while we wait out both hurricane season and Covid.

We hope you’ll keep reading our ramblings and/or FOLLOW our writing as we’re gonna continue to put it out.










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  1. Well written Teagan. Interesting. Sounds just like u were sitting beside me and explaining the game. Good work.

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