What does the spirit of adventure mean to you? How do you adventure...how do you define adventure?

I was talking to a friend by text who just made it to Tahiti by sailboat after trying for the last three years.  Their trip across the big pacific pond was delayed for one reason or the other (Covid has been to blame several times) but this year they were able to get the right permits, post the bond, make sure the boat was capable of the trip and have enough money in the bank to cut the docklines and take off.  Trust me…if you have never cast off those docklines from a warm and welcoming place to leave the sight of land in a very small boat on a very large ocean…you just don’t get the feeling of overwhelming smallness.  I’m soooo proud of our friends for making the leap.  These are friends who crowded onto my boat for a “surprise” 47th birthday party (mine)…nearly cried when we freely offered some tins of canned meat in a very remote anchorage and kept the watch along with us as remnants of a tropical storm barreled through and we were part of a group of boats who were the “stay behind/left behind” folks who didn’t have slips booked in the next port…so we knew enough to stay put and drop more chain.  Such is life when you’re out doing things called travel but everyone else calls it, adventure.

As I texted my friend back and forth, he was stoked to hear we had sold Tulum to a great new owner and we had indeed kept our word….we are continuing to travel the slow way….by skoolie/truck.  He responded by saying something I have not forgotten….how rad it was to keep the spirit of adventure alive.  So now I ask you…what’s  the spirit of adventure to you?  Is it sailing across a huge ocean to get to Tahiti or is it weekend camping somewhere pretty.  Both have adventure, but different risks.  Both may bring equal satisfaction, there is no right or wrong way to do adventure.  But we do so love traveling and traveling with our kids.  This is where my adventure spirit comes from…showing my kids that you can find adventure in so many different places and climes….and most adventures don’t have to involve drama or danger.

“How do you keep the spirit of adventure alive?”

The Big Green Bus is for sale but we’ve recently updated Craigslist and started to update the various websites we’ve listed it on.

The Green Machine is one of our chariots to adventure, but we’ve also lived on a cruising sailboat, flown long distance in airplanes, used our feet and simply driven our car or truck.  What kind of chariot to adventure do you use? 

Yep, the Green Machine (aka skoolie) is for sale.  Make us an offer! 

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