It's time for the Green Machine to move to another it can continue its own adventure travels. Where will you go?

If you follow our website or know us personally, you’ve probably figured out that we don’t always travel conventionally.  We’ve spent years cruising on several different sailboats and most recently we decided we wanted to see the US from a different point of view.  So we bought a school bus (completely converted to an RV and called a Skoolie) and drove it around the US…so we could travel slowly and soak up the ambiance of our continuing adventure travels.  To put it simply…we loved it!  

Now we’ve decided to start traveling yet another different way, involving more tent camping…so it’s time for the Green Machine AKA the Skoolie to move on to another family or adventurer who really wants a rad, reliable bus to go everywhere and anywhere  and live off-grid as needed.  

The Green Machine is fully set up to be off-grid or plugged in like a regular RV.  It has A/C when plugged in, a full size fridge, a real chefs kitchen, two bunk beds, a futon, a queen bed in the rear with mega storage underneath, a full working bathroom with sink, toilet and shower and so many other features.  But it’s also set up to be off-grid and in the open country for as long as you want: 100 gallons of water, 100 gallons of grey water tank, four propane tanks, on-demand water heater, five solar panels which run the suite of Victron backbone equipment, four lithium ion batteries with a backup AGM battery, one NEVER used Honda Generator we bought as backup but never used, and tires that don’t need changing for many, many more miles. 

Here’s our photos below: 

The Big Green Bus sitting in a field at Birds and Barrels Winery in Arizona, for free. Thank you Harvest Hosts.
Brand new front window put in by West Texas Windshields in Texas after the old one cracked.
Cleaning the windshield somewhere in the US at one of the many truck gas stations we visited. Loved these places, so friendly and respectful of the bus.
livefree2travelslow Big Green Skoolie
Big Green Skoolie sitting at our first HipCamp, Snow White Santuary.
Doesn’t matter if you are a man or woman, short or tall, the bus is easy to drive. 
livefree2travelslow Big Green Skoolie
Solar charging the bus and our flashlights.
Quincy LOVED getting loose in the flower fields and just being a dog.

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The girls on top of the bus at sunset, one of the most haunted places in New Mexico. And yes…it was cold.

Want more of the Big Green Machine? Check it out on these websites: 

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Wanna make us a fair offer?  Jump on Craigslist and let us know- we’re excited the Green Machine will be moving on to another family as we prep for more of our own upcoming travels and adventures. 

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