We travel slow but usually have pets somewhere close, either with us or waiting for us when we get home. Story about our newest edition.

When I started this blog in 2014 the idea behind my Sunday “Great Dane On A Boat” writing was to highlight that giant breed dogs could do fine on sailboats…and we just kept writing about Quincy Dane on the boat till we sold it.  But as we traveled I think we knew that we would eventually acquire more family members (pets) and we did.  In early 2021, Oreo the boat kitty came along and we adopted her.  From a tiny kitty out of a back alley to a fiesty boat cat she grew, and we knew she was family.

Then we sold the boat and bought a bus.  What a blast to head north, turn west and never look back as we traveled the US in comfort and style, in our own slow way!  Now working on an adventure base that has room for the pet family to grow, we’ve adopted a new family member (or 2).

Meet Loki (aka the Flirken)

We adopted Loki, a 9-year old orange tabby cat from our local animal shelter.  What a change from Oreo…such a different personality with an older cat who has more confidence and is much, much larger than Oreo.  Moving from an eight pound ball of energy to an older fifteen pounds of snuggle cat is a huge change for us.  He’s a welcome bundle of yellow furry happiness who’s adapting to Quincy and Oreo kitty well and we’re glad to have him.

Have a great Sunday and a great 4th of July.

The Big Green Machine (our Skoolie) is our 2007 BlueBird All American 40′ bus that’s for sale and ready to go on or off grid.  We’ve got it on the Skoolie Living website and Tiny Houses.com.  You can also check out the link below for more pics: 

The Green Machine Is….On The Market

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