We knew once we found an adventure base the family would grow, but I never imagined we would take on a "Death Noodle"!

On our cruising sailboat we lived with our Great Dane (Quincy) and sailing Kitty…but it was a smallish boat that couldn’t really handle more pets and the HelmsMistress absolutely would to allow a parrot.  But once we decided to start land travel and found an adventure base….we knew our family would start growing.

For at least the last couple years on the boat, both of our kids made sure to let us know that they wanted more pets and more responsibility…specifically they wanted a snake.  I had no real problems with this except we didn’t want a snake on the boat and we didn’t really have room for a snake in the skoolie, so we needed to wait till we reached Rancho Michad, the Adventure Base.  Even once we were here…the kids had to earn the money for the snake and the snake cage by working with us to help renovate the small “finca” we choose to live in.  But fortune favors the bold sometimes….

We’ve been volunteering at our local animal shelter (where we found our new cat, Loki) and heard about a reptile seizure carried out in the local area that included snakes, lizards and frogs.  After the required time to process and paperwork the animals become the property of the animal shelter and we decided to see if any of them would be a good fit for our family.  Among the reptiles was a gentle, probably near-adult Ball Python.  He seemed to fit so we gave in to the kids and adopted it (him/snake)…who was promptly named Death Noodle.  I have no idea where the name came from (our kids insisted on it and came up with it) but the snake is fairly gentle and able to be handled (by the kids).  He’s fitting into the house and we look forward to having him here for a long time to come. 

“Death Noodle” our newest family member. He’s a four foot Ball Python.

Last week I introduced you to one of our newest additions, Loki the Cat.  Click this link to read that post.  Besides finding new pets, we’ve been working hard to fix up our fixer-upper, constantly improving and upgrading where and when we can as we go along.  The Big Green Machine is still for sale but we continue to tinker with the bus as we go along so it doesn’t just sit and stagnate.  And it’s hot…but we chose to live here on purpose so we don’t complain much about the heat.  We do have to alter play, work and running schedules because of the heat, but we make do with all that the best we can. 


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