We're Fair Weather Sailors and Fair Weather Barbequeers!

The truth is that while we are unique in having a Big Green Egg (BGE) and a Great Dane on a sailboat, we don’t cook in rough conditions on either of our barbecues.  We’re fair weather barbecue cooks and sailors.  My favorite place to light up the Big Green Egg is at anchor.  Conditions out on the “hook” are generally mild and the prevailing winds not only cool us down (no A/C on this boat) but also tend to sweep away any marauding bugs that might like to snack on us.  Cooking on the BGE at anchor or dock isn’t hard, as by now I’ve gotten lighting, stoking, temperature control and cooking down to an art on this ultimate barbecue.  My only complaint is that I can’t have a larger version on the boat, as a larger version would allow us to cook larger cuts of meat and a larger volume of food at once.  But aside from not cooking larger cuts of meat, we’re been really  happy with the small size egg that we put on the boat, as the mini would have simply been too small and isn’t large enough to hold heat for a very long cook (like 4-5 hours).  Since the oven on the boat is currently on the fritz (Force-10 Stove) our next project will trying to bake cookies on the Egg, which I think is entirely possible.  So while this is a short article, I’ll leave you with a few pictures of cooking on the Egg while we’re here hanging around in La Cruz Bay…not a bad place to fire up the Egg.

At the Slip, looking East

At the Slip, Looking West

Shrimp on the barbe, at anchor 

Sunset picture, at anchor, looking west


Yes, we cook on the Big Green Egg lots when we’re at anchor and have access to good fresh food that will make for a tasty meal.  We also try to cook some our fresh caught fish on the egg, but haven’t had much luck lately as we’ve been tending to repairs and upgrades on Tulum in port.  Gotta admit that my favorite charcoal for the Egg is now the Green Egg Charcoal Brand.  It just works and seems to work really well.  Did you know you can reuse charcoal several times on the Big Green Egg by simply shutting down it’s access to oxygen?  This is a nice feature for us so that we don’t have to reload it as often and we use less charcoal.  Finding high quality charcoal while being out on a sailboat can be a challenge, which is why you probably don’t see very many boats out here with real charcoal fired barbecues…I know of exactly one…US.  I’m  going to be getting more bags of the black stuff when we head back to San Diego in March.  Wanna contribute to the cause- check out our Patreon Site.  Best of all..if you like Big Green Eggs, sailboats, Great Danes or family adventure…please FOLLOW our website to keep up with all our travels.  

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