This morning Quincy the Great Dane is in a contemplative mood.  Her world changed a week and a half ago when her precious cushions (Cama) disappeared in a dockcart down the dock.  She didn’t know where they were going but she was sure they would be right back.  Then they never came back, although we did head out to anchor for a week and then came back to the dock again…but the cushions never showed back up.  As a live-aboard dog, she’s not happy at all about this situation.  It means she’s forced to sleep on pillows and her blanket or the hard decks but not her soft broken-in cushions.  Here’s her direct commentary about the current state of affairs:

“To ALL Dogs…relish your bed,,,cause they can disappear suddenly.  There I was, minding my own business on my boat, when my favorite cushions disappeared and never came back again.  So I look at my feeders forlornly…saying to them “where’s my bed” and then I scream it in spanish..”Donde Esta Mi Cama!”  I just want my bed back…my lovely soft green smelly drooly cushions that I miss and loved so much.  I mean..they smelled like me and were full of my dog they were mine, right?  The feeder doesn’t seem happy either, as he’s always stealing the small pillows they’ve given to ME so he can sit on them.  I have nothing anymore to sleep on….look at me,  I’m forlorn and not loving this new boat thing with no cushions! 


So again…to all dogs…love your beds and cushions as they can disappear on you.”

Quincy the Boat Dog is a 6-year old Great Dane who lives on a cruising sailboat currently in Mexico.  She tries to write her blog posts on the website every single Sunday that we have WiFi and Internet, getting upset when she misses her posts, as she often has sage and wise advise for both dogs and humans.  Don’t worry, she’s pretty resilient and will get over the loss of her nasty green cushions as soon as the new ones arrive.  The rest of us are her feeders and walkers.  I missed posting anything yesterday as I had to finish ripping out another older windlass and I also took apart two walls in our master cabin to inspect two different chain plates.  All the while, Michelle was focused on preparing for her Ham Radio test…so the day swept by without getting time to post much of anything.  With the Windlass out (but of course the projects not finished) and the walls put back together in the master cabin, I’ll have time to get a few more things done (like posting this morning). 

We are the LF2SF Crew and we hope you will continue to follow Quincy Dane and her Great Dane Sailing Adventures.  If you like her writing…FOLLOW our website and blog.  If you want to show Miss Quincy more support,,,you can buy her more dog food on our Patreon site- Have a Great Dane Day!  













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