Ever wonder what a Great Dane on a boat does all day...read on to find out.

Quincy is a six year old Great Dane living on a cruising sailboat in Mexico….where she leads a strenuous life.  Although her people are not frivolous, they tend to try to spoil her when near land and take the best care possible when at sea.  Having just gotten back from a stay in a doggy hotel….Quincy had to settle in the life on the boat again.  So…here’s her first full day back on the boat to show you her stressful and strained life.


A Day In The Life Of A Boat Dane


After a walk and breakfast…she settles into her spot for a morning nap.


After her noon walk,,,she find the coolest place on the deck in the shade for another nap.


Looking at her from the window where I’m washing dishes.


Ran upstairs to grab a picture of her laying on the deck, but she was already getting up.


After another afternoon walk, it’s hot and humid. We threw on her fan but she was still panting. Long tough day.


Evening coolness sets in…and Quincy can finally settle into her spot to relax.


We’re proud to live on the boat as family with Quincy Dane the Boat Dog.  Our HelmsMistress (Michelle) posts every Wednesday, our daughter Teagan writes and posts every Friday and of course Quincy posts every Sunday….dependent on having WiFi to put our stories.  For now, have a great day and please follow us if you like our website-

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