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I’m pretty sure many of you have played Genshin Impact before. Y’know, that kind-of anime game, where you can randomly roll for different characters to play as? It was made by MiHoYo? Yeah, that game. I’m here to talk about that . Although I’ve been playing for almost a year, my progress is… somewhat wimpy. The Characters I have: I of course have the Traveler (you start out with her/her brother), and she’s Anemo C3, Aloy, Cryo C0, Raiden Shogun, Electro C0, Barbara, Hydro C3, Beido, Electro C1, Fischl, Electro C0, Sucrose, Anemo C1, Kaeya, Cryo C0, Xingqiu, Hydro C0, Amber, Pyro C0, Noelle, Geo C0, Xinyan, Pyro C1, Xiangling, Pyro C0, Lisa, Electro C0. As you can see, I don’t have that great constellations, but I try . Thanks for reading this post and please be sure to post what characters you have in the comments!

Kids Corner is written by two kids who live on a cruising sailboat with a Great Dane and of course…us the parents.  We are currently in the Sea of Cortez getting repair work done to the boat, ready to move on and continue adventuring.  Right now, our engine room is a grisly sight to see with our entire exhaust system ripped out, but that’s why you have me…to go get the whole thing cleaned out…today.  We finally figured out the engine problem we’ve been wrestling with for the last three months and it’s not pretty.  But, Tulum will get a new exhaust system in the next two weeks and we know the engine runs great.  Should have done this months ago…

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