Having a Great Dane on a (sail) boat obviously gets noticed and becomes a conversation starter sometimes. We just can't hide our Great Dane in a purse. But the question we get the most is "How does she do on the boat?"

Quincy Dane is a pure bred Great Dane who definitely falls into the giant breed category, and has been a full time resident on our cruising sailboat of the last three years.  I keep asking her how she likes the sailboat, but she hasn’t answered me yet-

That’s not an optical illusion and we have a huge cockpit. Quincy Dane loves to stretch out and this is one of her favorite spots…legs on both sides of the pulpit.

But the question I get most often from those around us (who don’t know Quincy yet) is this: “how does that huge dog do on your boat”?  Most often my answer is that Quincy Dane does just fine on the boat, but there’s more to the answer than just that.  In thinking it over for this story, I realize that for Quincy Dane…it’s not really about the boat as a place to live.  Great Danes do really well in small spaces and in small living environments but they need to have time with the pack.  In other words, our Great Dane does well on our cruising sailboat because she’s around all of us (and cruising kitty) most of the time.  There isn’t much loneliness and we almost never leave her alone on the boat without one of us being around.  But this is our choice because we’re well aware there’s a giant breed dog on the boat and we have responsibility to make sure she’s well behaved and safe for others.

But the point I’ve made above is what this story is all about…Quincy Dane does well enough even in her old age because she’s around us….even while living on a cruising sailboat out of the United States.

Can you see sailing kitty?

The author, his family, Quincy the Great Dane and sailing kitty too live on a cruising sailboat currently in Panama as they take life slowly.  I hope you have a great Sunday and have a great weekend-

Boat Kitty in her new favorite catnap spot. Under our expansive rain and sun covers, even in a downpour.

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