Hi, we have not posted in awhile because we've been slammed busy...which is good. Ever thought of rockin' a skoolie for traveling or camping ? Our beloved Green Machine is about to go on sale!

We’re getting on the road soon to keep traveling, but the gist of this post is simple:  Our 2007 Blue Bird All-American Skoolie will be going on sale and I’ll be post more info on the sale on Saturday.  We love this bus and have poured time and work into improving it.  We’ve gotten it registered in California as an RV, but it’s time for it to move on to another family.  More details Saturday.  Here’s a few photos to tease you!!

From one of the most haunted places in New Mexico (about) to across the US, we’ve LOVED our travels in this Big Green Machine.  Come see the details in my post on Saturday.   

2 Responses

  1. Say What!?!
    I felt the last post inferred you are buying a home as a base and continue traveling in your Skoolie. Again, I’m on the edge of my seat.
    Love you guys.

  2. Yes, we are buying a house as a base but the Green Machine needs another family.
    Can you come up on our email or text and tell us where you are so we can travel to see you guys-

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