Ignoring the fact it’s Friday the 13th once again…we’re starting to publish our Kid’s Corner Posts once again as we have internet/wi-fi and we’re somewhere that we can access it.  We’ll publish Kids Corner every Friday that we have access to internet or perhaps publish it ahead of time to try to stay as consistent as possible.  Kids Corner Posts are completely written by a 10-year old girl and her little sister from a cruising sailboat currently in the Sea of Cortez.  There’s light editing by a parent for content and themes but aside from that all ideas and discussions are from the mind of a 10-year old.  We would LOVE to have as many kids as possible follow the Friday posts as we go through our adventures.  Here we go…

 HOLA AMIGOS!!!!! Oh, I haven’t done this for DAYS. I kinda miss doing it…but I’m doing it now, aren’t i?   right now, we’re somewhere near La Paz, soaking up some internet. So far we’ve been to turtle bay, mag bay, cabo, los frailies, Muertos (which was kinda a disaster), the islands outside of la paz and here near la paz. Its really cool here, and pretty. So far I have rediscovered my hate/fear of heeling, realized that I’m not the only kid, and you know, the basics of boat bites and stuff. One of my most scariest moments yet was when the sun was nearly down, we were heeling (of course), when suddenly, we rocked to one side with such force, that we ripped our big, beautiful accemetric sail. I’ll let that sink in. For some, that wouldn’t be such a big deal. Others, it might be absolutely terrifying. For me, it was the latter. Sheer terror mixed with confusion is NOT a good mix. But we survived, thankfully and the snorkeling in Baja is SO worth it. We saw lots of trumpet fish (Kellyn is in love with them) angelfish, and so on. Well I gottsa go. SAILOR TEAGAN UP AND OUT.

Teagan playing Godzilla with thousands of small Fiddler Crabs

From Dad:  Teagan and Kellyn live on a cruising sailboat with parents and a 130-pound Great Dane.  The Great Dane writes her deep thoughts every Sunday morning (when there’s internet).  Wanna support our trip?  Check out our Patreon site and have a GREAT FRIDAY. 

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  1. Teagan. Delightful read. We liked your insight that sheer terror and confusion don’t mix. So glad to hear from u. Love

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