Well, working on this blog from a room on the Qween Mary, here with the kids for the Ice Fest thing and had to stay here.

In the last two weeks, we zero’ed in on a Wauquiez Amphitrite MS 45 that we had gone on board once already and liked, but just recently decided to make an offer on.  The original asking price was $129,000 but after making an offer of $85,000, the owner lowed his price straight to $115,000.  We accepted and set up the sea trial and haul out for the same day, nearly two weeks ago now.  This was an expensive lesson in what we wanted and didn’t want or the world’s most expensive one day sailing adventure.  We’re not sure.  The haul out went fine and the inspection was enlightening, with the boat not as great as we thought but most of the findings to be minor enough for us to fix,,,,but little things add up to big bills if there’s enough of those things,,,,of which I’m aware.  Also, well,,,,during the sea trial the jinny roller furling didn’t open at all and was locked, kind of an important detail that might help a sea trial go well.

After this, we offered a total of $95,000 but the owner stuck to the guns.  With the survey value not matching our accepted offer value, we were forced to move on.

In the interim, I did some work to look at what Peterson’s were available on the West Coast and found one that I thought looked pretty good.  I emailed the owner and received several replies, but one caught me off guard as the owner asked me to call him, as he needed to clarify info in my emails.  As I suspected, the owner didn’t like the fact that I had my own broker and stated up front that he would not pay him.  He also stated that he would not bring down the price of the boat since it was in such great shape, and in the same breath made the assumption I really didn’t know what I was doing with Peterson’s.  I love that,,,,so Orange County,,,,but I had to email the guy the next day telling him to sell the boat to his myriad of “cash buyers” as he had made sure to tell me about several times.   Next, time to get back to some triathlon stuff.

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