A hearty meal the entire crew scarfed down...easy to make (less than 30 minutes) with ingredients I had around the boat. Read on-

Ummmm Pesto Perfect and SOOOOO easy to make, let’s talk cooking on a sailboat. Yep, I got to take over the galley again and wanted to make a fresh, healthy meal for the crew with the ingredient we have on-hand…as we’re trying to clear out the [Covid-stocked] bilges a bit and clean the boat up.  So I knew what ingredients I had on-hand and just happened to be wanting this particular meal.

Ok, so this is an easy one, but I followed a recipe from an athlete and cook I have read before, Mr. Matt Frazier of the website and books series, The No Meat Athlete.  And this one is sooo good. 

The meal I’m writing about is Potato, Green Bean and Pesto Pasta, a vegetarian pasta meal that’s sure to satisfy most any hungry crew, with no complaints from mine.  

Basic ingredients included:  Green Beans (I didn’t have fresh but they’re probably better), potato’s, freshly made pesto, noodles and some kind of cheese (vegan or not, that’s your choice).  

Here’s some of my ingredients.  GASP….they’re not all fresh…nope, we’re on a boat and can’t always get somewhere to get all fresh ingredients.

This is a great recipe to make on a boat, because I only had to use one pan of water to cook the whole thing and the pesto was easy.  Started with boiling water for the potato and cooked them till they were nearly soft but not too soft.  Added the green beans and only cooked another five minutes (but with fresh ones a bit longer).  Took the potatoes and green beans out of the water and used the same boiling water for the pasta.  While the pasta was cooking I threw everything in the blender that we would need for the pesto…and OMG it came out so nicely.  My pesto ingredients included high quality olive oil, pine nuts, two cups of fresh green basil and salt.  Threw that into the vitamix and blended until smooth but NOT too smooth.  See pics.  

Once finished, I was left with fresh homemade pesto, done pasta and cooked potatoes and green beans.  I threw all of this in the pasta pan and blended with my wooden spoon, adding a little Hawaiian sea salt as I blended.  The result was a meal devoured by the crew with enough leftover for my lunch the next day.  I think this took about 45 minutes to make and it helped to clear space in the galley.  Win-Win.

We love to cook on the boat and relish our chances to cook the foods we get fresh from the places we visit.  Local culture is often experienced through the food and music of the place…we love these experiences. 

When we’re out traveling there’s usually less content coming from the site….so we’re out traveling right about now. 

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