From Boat to Bus we travel slow with kids, dog and cat. But right now we're waiting on waiting.

Written from somewhere in the Mojave Desert:

The bus is parked.  We live in our glorious adventure bus while we wait patiently for business to finish. We’re currently living in a very challenging (read hot) climate without the amperage needed to run the A/C mini-splits….while parked on family property (by choice).  This is one of the reasons we came back to the desert…to be near family.  We’re very, very grateful to have family support.  We’re existing fine but we want to get to a place in our life balance where we have a base camp & we can start making trips out and about…while having a central location for our gear and personal stuff.

Coming off our cruising sailboat directly to the bus (Green Machine) was probably one of the best things we could have done.  The bus ensured that we have kept our footprint small and spending light, gave our daughters their own rooms (bunk beds) which led to them having private space for the first time in years of sharing the V-berth on Tulum-5.  This provided us with a natural transition into a house,  it definitely has more space than the bus.  Certainly we prepped correctly with the stuff we shipped, cause we had enough room on the bus to load all that stuff in and drive it all the way across country from Florida to California.  And we made a great choice on actual bus….cause we’ve driven the bus with its big reliable Cat C-7 engine over hill and through dale…and it just keeps going.  We did the right thing after buying the bus (in Tampa) by having it professionally serviced and checked; and just like on the boat we religiously do our pre-roadtrip engine checks and take a look at things before we move.  Just like our boat, we never stop working on improving and modernizing the bus.  We’re continuing the hard work the last owner put in, to constantly maintenance and upgrade the bus and its systems.  

We’ve loved taking our home with us (the bus) just like when we raised anchor on the boat to places far and wide whenever we want.  Recently we started the huge engine and decided to roadtrip to Arizona to do some work for my parents.  Easy.  Just a matter of finding the cat, loading the dog and kids and making sure our stuff was secured.  Off we went to Arizona for a week of work before we turned around and drove it back.  Even in the heat of the desert, our big diesel pusher performs flawlessly, chugging away up hills and running the soft reassurance of the hissing air as we apply air brakes down any grade of hill .  We don’t go very fast, cause a very fast moving bus isn’t fun or safe to drive with the entire family and our stuff loaded into it.

We live and travel in a skoolie.  Owning a home isn’t going to slow down our travels (we already travel slow).  We’re simply going to have an adventure base to travel from and back to as we need to.  

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