Great Dane puppies are the cutest things going, but they have ALOT of energy and tend to need a ton of patience as they teeth through puppyhood.

Getting a Great Dane puppy is a wonderful experience.  We have a Great Dane puppy in the house and she’s the 4th Dane puppy that we’ve raised since we’ve been married.  Most of our stuff remains intact, but we have lost rugs, a couch and a myriad of shoes to our own lack of attention when the puppies have been out….and about.  We’ve slowly learned humor, patience and the need for strict attention when the puppy is loose, as they tend to get into everything and anything just to chew and explore the world around them. 

Quincy Dane and Maxine the pup sit for a photo and the treat behind the camera.  In the background is the crate and fencing system we learned (from baby Quincy) would keep our house mainly intact while the puppy remains indoors waiting on more vaccines. 

5 Signs That You Might Have a Great Dane Puppy In The House

1. Chew marks on odd things:  Think that a Great Dane puppy won’t try to chew odd things…think again.  We now have chew marks on anything she can reach or get to when she escapes the custody of one of her minders.  Rugs, books, magazines, wood table legs, wood chair legs, wood carvings, wooden doors, metal posts, portable fans, legos, cat toys, cat bowls, cat watering system, other Great Dane legs, my legs…and the list goes on.  Thus the need for training! 

2. Other Animals Hiding:  When the puppy gets loose from her minder or her cage…it’s hard not to notice the cats scattering or taking the high ground and our older Great Dane (Quincy) deciding that she might want to sleep in another room.  Yes, this actually happens.  We’re working on puppy manners. 

3. Puppy Play:  Yep, you might have a Great Dane puppy in the house if that little squiggly 35 pound puppy just wants to play…with you, the cats or the older Great Dane, doesn’t really matter who.  Just matters who has already run away and hidden or who’s left that will play with her without complaining about the puppy bites (and not bite the puppy back).  So yeah, sometimes the house can be quite the zoo when puppy is awake, escaping (ie: loose) and ready to play.  Toys and distractions are a must but we also fold some training into that play, we’re working on the behaviors as we go.  

4. Cheap Toys, Shredded:  If the best toy in the house is shredded and there’s a puppy Great Dane on top of it, you might have a puppy in the house.  What do I write about?  Those ubiquitous pee-pee pads that we buy to potty train our Great Dane puppy…they are also her very favorite toy for chewing, ripping and generally shredding all over the floors inside her enclosure so she can then sleep on top of them.  Imagine taking the cute puppy to the vet the first time…only to have the vet open her mouth for a dental check-up and then ask you why the puppy has pieces of pee-pee mat stuck to her teeth….at the vet office.   Yeah, this actually happens. 

5. Sleeping Puppy, Running:  I don’t know about other puppies, but Great Dane puppies (and adults) tend to have vivid dreams (I guess) in which they run.  They will be completely asleep and moving their legs while they dream, running or playing while asleep.  Doesn’t happen often but when they’re really tired, they can sometimes run while asleep.  

Older Great Dane, younger cat, adopted older cat, adopted snake, brand new Great Dane puppy.  We’re not purposefully trying to fill a zoo, but we have room at the Adventure Base and in our hearts for this brood and we’re glad we can give them a home.  I may not always have more Sunday posts about the Great Danes because we’re not traveling right now, but I’ll work through raising the puppy as we go. 


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4 Responses

  1. The title gave me a giggle. We had a Dane/Weimaraner mix, named Lou. He will always be my furry son.

    Your five points are spot on. We lost a TV remote, sunglasses, a shoe, and almost the end of a coffee table. I’ll look for a photo or two to share.

    And yes, Lou also ran in his dreams that included small yips. Joyful every time.

    Keep enjoying your life.


  2. Brings back many memories. That picture of the two is special. Awfully cute.

  3. Have you tried a Kong toy, filled with some of his favorite foods? Also giving him raw bones to chew? That helps a lot I’ve heard.

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