Tulum V has carried us far and wide, and we’ve made so many good memories and friends aboard her.  She’s our home, after all.

Alrighty, peeps, I’m baaaack! Apologies for the lack of posts, things have been somewhat chaotic here. My excuse will aire next Friday (hint hint, wink wink). Between this and last post, a lot of important things have happened, among them the boat going up for sale again, and I’ve decided to dedicate this post to talking about that subject. For one, it’s going to be different from the last time we put her up on the market in Baja. This time, we have a new broker (loved the last broker, he did a great job), a new area closer to civilization, some upgrades, and the main difference, we can actually have people aboard to see the boat. This is big because last time that was kind of a problem (we were kind of remote in Baja), but now we can have as many buyers as possible. We’re a little more confident this time, we have a little bit more experience tucked under our belt, and we’re just ready to move on. Tulum V has carried us far and wide, and we’ve made so many good memories and friends aboard her.  She’s our home, after all. But (there’s always that nasty “but”, isn’t there?), as me and my sister grow older, we fight over bedspace a lot. For those that don’t know, me and my sister share a room and a bed, albeit a very large one, and this can get a bit tedious. We knock over each other’s stuff, and occasionally I wake up with her foot on my face, and vice-versa.  The boat is amazing, and the wood everywhere is cool. The boat is almost 40 years old but you wouldn’t know this by the way she looks.

What am I looking for in another boat:  three-bedrooms, (hopefully), a buuuuuunch of solar panels, a way for our 130-pound dog to get indoors, an air-conditioner, and voila: our dream boat. We may only have to pay an arm and a leg for it, and it could be ours. However, there are a couple options that are currently being investigated that are within our price range. Therefore, if,


our boat sells, we have a couple options. Let’s focus on the present, though, ok?

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Like my daughter talked about in her post above, Tulum-5 is for sale, you can check her out on this link: Aleutian Ketch For Sale

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