One of the reasons the name of 1.20 has yet to be released may have to do with the fact that this update is a bit of a jumble, and not a lot of things are related and correlated under one such name. Still, many of the things being added have been long due, so without further ado, let’s dive into it, shall we?

Alrighty, peeps! Today, we turn to a much talked about and controversial subject: Minecraft’s new 1.20 update, of which the name has yet to be released. 1.20, which was released this Minecraft live, has disappointed many players. Some were expecting an End update, considering the multiple hints that have been dropped in the past: Mojang has stated before that they would only release a new dimension once all the others have been updated. Well, the nether update has been released for some time now, and the overworld has had many updates before and in between, figures it was the end’s turn, right?  Nope. Well, not yet. 1.20 seems to be a bit of a filler update, not huge but still large enough to warrant a Minecraft live. Most of it compromises either smaller additions or Mojang keeping one of its promises. One of the reasons the name of 1.20 has yet to be released may have to do with the fact that this update is a bit of a jumble, and not a lot of things that are related and can be correlated under one such name. Still, many of the things being added have been long due, so without further ado, let’s dive into it, shall we?

First off, we have some of the smaller side additions:

#1- updated bookshelves! Begone, boring, useless-except-for-aesthetic-bookshelves! In their place? CHISELED BOOKSHELVES!!! Books, book and quills, and enchanted books can be stored and taken a simple click away! Along with book storage capabilities, the bookshelves also send out a Redstone signal when taking or storing a book, leading to all kinds of Redstone contraptions! The secret villains lair behind the fantasy section is now possible! TO THE LIBRARY!

#2- the Camel!! This new fur baby is the next rideable mob in the game, with a twist! Once saddled, not one but TWO players can ride on the camel! One can focus on driving, and the other can draw a bow and shoot off random monsters. Perfect for wandering nomads!…ACTUALLY, now that you think about it, if one player held the reins to a herd of llamas and the other drove…… anyways, ceaseless ramblings aside, some of the camel’s other capabilities include the ability to leap over caverns and ravines! Imagine you’re on a great journey across the desert, your stores of food almost depleted, your food bar running perilously low. You no longer have the stamina to run, yet when you look up you glimpse ahead a glorious sight: a desert village! You devour your remaining food items and start running towards it! you’re almost there, a mere hundred blacks away, when you spot a terrible sight before you: a ravine! It stretches all the way down the bedrock! Whatever are you to do now? *Horror music, terror, etc.*. Now, imagine the same scene, BUT WITH A CAMEL!!! Instead of walking you’re galloping across the horizon on camelback, like one of those awesome scenes where the movie ends with Fabio dashingly saving the princess from her tower and galloping into the sunset with her! Sort of, anyways. Now, skip to the juicy part where, instead of languishing in your own self-pity at the mere sight of a chasm, you and your valiant steed simply leap right over it? “Ha-ha! Ravine? What ravine?” you say victoriously! Then you get, like, swallowed by a sand sinkhole or something for tempting fate, BUT the POINT, the POINT IS, you had a camel. (PS: if you wanna tempt or breed camels just feed them a cactus C:)

#3- on our list, Bamboo! Well, yes, I know that there’s already some bamboo in Minecraft, but it deserves a little bit of appreciation, don’t you think? Other than tempting Pandas and making scaffolding, they now have their very own wood block! That’s right, stairs, blocks, fences, and more! Not only that, but you can craft it into your very own bamboo raft (it’s basically a boat but a RAFT which is even better somehow!)! The Bamboo block is basically just a new wood block, except instead of a plank there’s a Mosaic Block, perfect for minecrafters more interested in looks than function.

#4- whew this is long list, eh? But continuing, we have hanging signs join the list! These new signs can be hung from the underside or side of a block and can be made from any wood type. Yes, I said that right. Anywood types. They can display the name of your new bakery shop, or directions to the nearest village!  With these new blocks, that one tavern from Pirates of the Caribbean is now possible! Shall we build it, me hearties?

#5- last but certainly not least, we have the winner of this year’s mob vote! Say hello to the Sniffer! This mob was once extinct from the world of Minecraft, but now you can dive to the bottom of the oceans to find it’s egg and bring it back. Long has it awaited the moment that it is freed from its prison of eggshell, for the first thing it does once freed is… go and sniff some flowers? Hmm… but no! It is not sniffing them, it is digging. It unearths for you a seed, of some ancient, unknown plant! Well, now, the only thing to be done now is to plant it, right? With the sniffer, a new plant shall join the wonderful world of Minecraft, and thus so does a new mob! I think the coolest thing about the sniffer is that it’s shape roughly matches up with one of the skeletons that can be unearthed underground… except, wait, if those skeletons were long-dead sniffers, then that would mean… the sniffers would be HUGE!

Aaaaaaanyways thanks for reading! Have a nice day, and hey! Share this post with your friends. You never know, you could learn something new!

This post was written by kids who live on a cruising sailboat full time and are self-professed Minecraft nuts…playing when they can find wifi and learning as much about the Minecraft environment as they can.  We live on our sailboat full time with our Great Dane and family.

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  1. Such interesting reading. Way over our heads. But we try. U write well if u can keep our interest. Hugs

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