Continual improvement and upkeep/updates are needed when you're cruising on an older boat. Here's what we did in June to update and improve Tulum 5.

Fridays are normally reserved for Kids Corner, but that post didn’t get done, so you’ll have to read on to find out about some of the work we’ve just finished on the boat:

I’ve written about doing preventative maintenance on the boat and the engine in several different posts and I’ve also ranted and raved about working to continually improve our sailboat while we cruise.  I do what I write…ie: we’ve continued to improve Tulum no matter where we were or what we have going on, I always have a running list of stuff I want to get done when we do decide to hit the dock and get a slip….so I can justify that slip in my own little mind.  June was no exception.  We rented a slip for a month in Puerto Escondido, BCS Mexico out of nessessity….we wanted to roadtrip home to get shots.  So we did.  But I also had a laundry list of projects I wanted to knock out while I was on the dock.  So we roadtripped home by warrior van AGAIN….making sure to get our shots, pick up our large inventory of mando amazon packages and help fund the various marine stores in Point Loma (San Diego) and make a quick visit to Minney’s to look for hard to find inventory + visit the family.  On the way back to the boat….driving down Baja…we decided that since we had never driven the entire length of Baja, we should do that too.  After spending a couple of days at the boat unloading parts, putting them away and cleaning; we hopped back in the van and took off to finish our epic roadtrip.  We made it all the way to Land’s End (Cabo) by car….then came home to the boat a few days later happy to have done the entire Baja by both car and boat as a family.

But to justify getting a slip for an entire month, I needed to have plenty of improvements to do on the boat…and I succeeded in getting most of them done.  Here’s our list of “stuff” that we got done with the time we had on the docks:

  1. New countertops for the galley and both heads (separate post)- done
  2. Prep and clean the decks. Apply two coats of TDS (Teak Decking System) UV protectant to the decks- done
  3. Sand, prep and clean the outer deck gutters and paint them (Imron)- done
  4. Have the Injectors and the Fuel Injection Pump removed and cleaned- done
  5. Have the new starter removed and checked. Have the backup starter checked- done
  6. Have the Heat Exchanger removed checked for debris and cleaned, descaled- done
  7. Change the engine oil- done
  8. Change both primary fuel filters- done
  9. Change the filters in all (3) Racor filters- done
  10. Download and install updates for our B&G Zeuss Multi-Funtion Device- done
  11. While in the US, get updated Platinum map chip for B&G- done
  12. Get the hull cleaned and zincs changed- done
  13. While in the US, get spare zincs- done
  14. While in the US, get another spare (5 gpm) water pump- done
  15. While in the US, get a spare Standard Horizon Command Mic- done
  16. While in the US, get new dinghy wheels- done
  17. Add another Dyneema Lifeline to both sides of the boat- done
  18. Clean the engine room- done
  19. Install the upgraded parts for the Shaft Lok- Not Done, end of this week.
  20. New Fender Lines- Not Done, end of this week.
  21. Install the new davit wenches- Not Done

So you see, we used our time on the dock wisely and knocked out a bunch of projects all aimed at improving boat in one way or the other.  Now we’re back out cruising, off the docks and ready to just “be”.

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PS:  Read tomorrow’s post, big news coming! 

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